"Buy all the biggest names and put them in a team, still you won't win.."- Michael Vaughan bashes Virat Kohli's RCB

Updated - 13 Apr 2024, 01:59 PM

Michael Vaughan and RCB
Left: Michael Vaughan. Right: RCB in IPL 2024 (Credits: Getty)

Former England captain Michael Vaughan has given his verdict on why the Royal Challengers Bengaluru haven't been able to win the Indian Premier League yet.

Vaughan, who is currently in India to cover the ongoing IPL 2024 edition with Cricbuzz, recently appeared on the famous Beer Biceps podcast hosted by Ranveer Allahabadia, and therein, the Englishman made some shocking revelations. He spoke about a variety of topics from his playing days to the current situation of cricket. 

In one of the segments of the 1-hour long podcast, Michael Vaughan also spoke about the RCB franchise in IPL, which is only the 3rd team along with Punjab and Delhi to have never won the competition since 2008.

The Lucknow Super Giants have also never won the richest cricketing league but it has been only 3 seasons that they have been inducted into the league with Gujarat Titans, who claimed the golden title in their very first season in 2022. 

Michael Vaughan feels that RCB never do things differently  

Ranveer Allahabadia, who is known for his out-of-the-box and uncanny questions, asked a very simple one Michael Vaughan what is the issue behind RCB not winning the IPL, is it the management or the players?

To that, Vaughan started by saying that team sports, like Cricket, have never been about individuals and that the more he sees Bengaluru play, the fact becomes even more clear to him. 

Regardless of how many big players a team brings in, they cannot win trophies unless there is proper coordination.

Highlighting the players they have had, Michael Vaughan claimed that RCB's reluctancy to do things differently and identifying different roles for certain players has kept them away from winning the Premier League.

Vaughan gave special emphasis to the fact that the team management must be able to "rejig" their team to allow different players to play in different positions.   

"Well, the RCB have never won. So what I like about the fact that RCB is that it proves to me that team sport is not just about individuals. You can go and buy all the biggest individual names and put them into a team, doesn't mean you are gonna win it's been proven at the RCB that they have signed some incredible players and they have you know AB de Villiers, Virat, Glenn Maxwell, Faf, unbelievable players."

"But it just tells you unless you get the whole team operating and every single ayer knowing the roles and identifying different roles for different players, it might be that you have to rejig your team slightly just to allow someone else to flourish in a different position. I don't see the RCB doing that." - Vaughan said via Beer Biceps podcast. 

RCB lacks team ethics and cultures 

Another perspective that Michael Vaughan gave was that not only does RCB not do things differently they also have a tendency to overpower themselves with big names and end up thinking they're the best.

And that brought Vaughan to the point that regardless of how many big players they have unless RCB develops team ethics as well as culture and also identifies roles for players accurately, they will not be able to win the IPL ever.

"I don't see them trying anything different, and it's probably wrong but again it's perception. They just seem to think that because they're great players in this team the management thinks well we've got great players we're going to win, it proves to me that even though you've got great players, unless you get the team ethic, the culture and you absolutely identify everyone's roles perfectly, you're not gonna win trophies." - Vaughan concluded.