Bahawalpur Cricket Team At National T20 Cup 2024

Bahawalpur, also known as the BWPR. Appearing in  the National T20 Cup, it is one of the famous team of the format and looks strong when it is on the grounds. Even with the current arsenal of talented youngsters and seasoned veterans, Bahawalpur team is one of the most successful teams in the format.
Now, in the forthcoming edition of the tournament, Bahawalpur’s Captain eyes the trophy and looking at the Bahawalpur National T20 Cup team, it looks strong as a contender to win the cup.

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Bahawalpur team is regarded as the most successful teams of the format.

With the kind of players it has in its arsenal, from young guns to seasoned veterans, Bahawalpur with the current team stands as a contender of winning the cup.