4 Things ICC Should Change In The Next WTC Cycle
4 Things ICC Should Change In The Next WTC Cycle
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The inaugural ICC World Test Championship [WTC] finally came to an end with Kane Williamson’s New Zealand beating Team India in the summit clash to become the undisputed champions of cricket.

The World Test Championship was introduced by the ICC to lend some context to the longest format of the game and while it succeeded to an extent in achieving that, the concept can be made better with a few tweaks.

Here’s a look at 4 things ICC should change in the next WTC Cycle:

Best of 3 finals

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The World Test Championship final during the first cycle was a one-off affair to decide the undisputed champion.

However, in the forthcoming cycles, the ICC should look at conducting a best of three finals to determine the eventual winner.

Yes, it would require a herculean task of finding a month-long window to conduct a best of three series, but it would only be fair given the fact that it will give a chance for the other team to stage a comeback.

Test cricket is a hard grind. The teams that have qualified for the finals have done so by playing consistent cricket over a period of two years and so it is unfair to judge them by a one-off performance.

A proper three-match tussle between the two best teams in the world will not only build narratives amid the ebb and flow, it will also show us which team has the ability to stage a comeback after having been pushed into a corner.

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