Arshdeep Singh (Image Credits: Twitter)
Arshdeep Singh (Image Credits: Twitter)

Last Update on: September 6th, 2022 at 11:49 am

Arshdeep Singh, a young Team India fast bowler, has been attacked by online bullies after failing to take an easy catch against Pakistan during their Super Four match at the Asia Cup 2022 on Sunday. Pakistan defeated India by five wickets after reaching the 182-run target on the penultimate delivery of the final over.

The Indian government issued a notice to Wikipedia on Monday for publishing false information on a page about cricketer Arshdeep Singh. This information was collected from sources within the Ministry of Information Technology (IT).

On social media, some of Arshdeep’s fans have been rude and harsh to him, and some have even changed his Wikipedia page to make it appear as though he has connections to the separatist Khalistani movement. An unregistered user edited his page, changing many instances of the word “India” in his profile to “Khalistan.”

Arshdeep Singh drop catch
Photo Credit: (Twitter)

Fake Khalistan Connections On Arshdeep Went Viral

Although Wikipedia editors quickly reversed the changes, images of his profile with false links to Khalistan quickly spread through social media. The changes were made on Monday at 12:28 a.m. IST. The person who changed it to “Major Arshdeep Singh Bajwa” also changed the cricketer’s name to “Major Arshdeep Singh Langra.” Arshdeep’s cricket statistics were also changed.

Indian Government Issued A Notice To Wikipedia

After becoming aware of the situation, the Indian government decided to question officials from Wikipedia. According to reports, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology convened website representatives on Monday to inquire about the addition of fake information to the cricketer’s page.

Rohit Sharma, Arshdeep Singh
Rohit Sharma, Arshdeep Singh (Credits: Twitter)

According to sources, the Indian government is concerned that such harmful misinformation could disrupt inter-communal peace and put Arshdeep’s family in danger.

Arshdeep Singh During The India-Pakistan Match

Pakistan was cruising to victory until Indian bowlers rallied and got three wickets in quick succession to liven up the game. Pakistan required 34 runs in the 18th over, bowled by spinner Ravi Bishnoi, but Arshdeep dropped a simple catch of batsman Asif Ali.

Arshdeep Singh
Arshdeep Singh. Image Credits: Twitter

If the catch had been made, India would have won the game, but Pakistan won comfortably because of Asif’s 16-run effort from 8 balls to send his team home. Despite dropping the catch, Arshdeep bowled effectively in the 20th over, requiring only 7 runs to defend off the final six balls.

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