Salman Butt
Salman Butt (Image Credit: Twitter)

Former Pakistan batsman Salman Butt reckoned that Mark Wood has certainly better pace than Mohammed Siraj but lacks the proper attitude needed for a fast bowler. Mark Wood was one of the impressive bowlers from the England side despite their defeat in the second Test at Lord’s picking up a match haul of 5 wickets.

Wood can certainly crank up to high speeds and he showed it in the Lord’s Test as well. On the other hand, Mohammed Siraj picked up 8 wickets in the Test and had entertained the crowd as well with his famous mouth on his fingers celebration.

Salman Butt
Salman Butt (Image Credit: Twitter)

“Mark Wood Is Like A Good Student Who Is Properly Dressed” –  Salman Butt

Salman Butt confessed that Wood has a very gentle attitude despite having a lot of pace in his armory. He compared Wood to a good student in school who was determined to go about his business quietly. He added that Wood looks more straightforward rather than getting into the batsmen’s minds.

“There is no doubt that Mark Wood has more pace that Mohammed Siraj. However, Mark Wood’s attitude is not like that of a fast bowler. He has a gentle attitude. He runs in, bowls and heads back to his mark, that’s about it. Mark Wood is like a good student who is properly dressed. He hardly every complains and looks like a straightforward person.” Salman Butt opined

Mark Wood
Mark Wood. Image-AP.

Salman Butt Impressed By Mohammed Siraj’s Aggression

Salman Butt expressed his liking for Siraj’s attitude and the challenge he imposed on the batsman. He mentioned that Siraj’s aggression was very impressive from the Lord’s Test and lauded the youngster. He opined that Bumrah’s aggression might not be showered with his attitude and compared Siraj to the likes of Shoaib Akthar for his aggression.

“Siraj is outright expressive. He has aggression, is always involved and challenges the batsman. His attitude is like the right attitude for a fast bowler. There are many fast bowlers who do not have it. But Siraj is somebody who has really impressed. Jasprit Bumrah is also an aggressive bowler.”

“Compared to Siraj though, he is not as expressive. He looks like a very nice guy. As for Siraj, from his face you know that he means business. Attitude is important for a fast bowler. If this link is missing, then Test cricket wouldn’t be as interesting. Shoaib Akhtar used to have the same.” He added

Mohammed Siraj
Mohammed Siraj. (Photo: Twitter)

Siraj has been the in-form bowler for India and he will be key to India’s success in the remaining Tests against England.

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