England, Michael Vaughan, Jofra Archer
Michael Vaughan [Image-Ggetty]

Former England captain Michael Vaughan continued to deny the racism allegations made by Azeem Rafiq that were backed by two other Yorkshire players. Vaughan finds himself in trouble after top-flight English cricketer, Adil Rashid, corroborated Rafiq’s racism accusation.

Vaughan had denied the claims, stating: “I categorically deny saying the words attributed to me by Azeem Rafiq and want to re-state this publicly because the ‘you lot’ comment simply never happened.”

Earlier on Monday, Rashid confirmed that Vaughan did make the statement. Although he has tried to focus on his cricket, for the most part, Rashid spoke out to back Rafiq’s claims, a few days after Rana Naved ul Hasan had done the same.

Adil Rashid
Adil Rashid. Image-Sky Sports

Racism is cancer in all walks of life and unfortunately in professional sports too, and is something which of course has to be stamped out. I wanted to concentrate as much as possible on my cricket and to avoid distractions to the detriment of the team but I can confirm Azeem Rafiq’s recollection of Michael Vaughan’s comments to a group of us Asian players,” Rashid had said.

Michael Vaughan’s response:

In reply, Vaughan said that he was upset about the accusations especially coming from a former teammate of his, and continued to claim that the allegations are ‘false’.

Extremely upsetting that this completely false accusation has been made against me by a former teammate, apparently supported by two other players,” Vaughan was quoted as saying.

Michael Vaughan
Michael Vaughan (Image Credit: Twitter)

Vaughan also added that “anybody who has seen the TV footage of Yorkshire’s pre-match huddle at the 2009 game and the interaction between the players, would find it hard to reconcile those scenes with the version of events that has been presented.

As of now, Vaughan has been let go from his show on BBC and his future broadcasting career along with his reputation has been severely tainted.

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