I Am An Indian Now, The Team Means A Lot To Me - Jarvo 69
'Jarvo 69' cordoned off by security officials [Image- Twitter]

Double-time pitch invader Daniel Jarvis, otherwise known as Jarvo 69, says he’s a big fan of the Indian team as they have been ‘supportive’ of him when he has been on the pitch. Jarvis managed to breach the security at Headingley, just a couple of weeks after he walked out to the pitch at Lord’s.

He became a fan-favorite after his ‘pranks’, albeit many would complain that such kind of behavior shouldn’t be encouraged. Off the field, Jarvo continues to be a huge Team India fan, as revealed in a conversation with Crictracker.

India, England
“Jarvo 69” (Photo: Twitter)

It’s a very long story. I was there with my friends at Lord’s and we were drinking. We could see the Indian players practicing and I thought I’ll have a chat with them between the balls and they talked like normal and I was like wow what fellas.

They are not like the English team who’ll ignore you. The Indian players will chat back to you and we really like that. Then, I came with the idea of coming back as an Indian player. So, the next time, I got the kit and everything,” he said.

Jarvo 69
Jarvo 69 being escorted off the Headingley ground. (Image: Twitter)

“When I came onto the field, players didn’t know what to do” – Jarvo 69

The now infamous prankster continued his story and revealed that the players were understandably quite confused as to what was happening. He also stated that the Indian team was friendly but the Englishmen were a bit ‘moody’.

If it’s England vs India, I will not lie about this. I’ll probably support India because they have been great to me. The England team was moody when I was in the Lord’s Stadium. And, I am an Indian now. So, the team means a lot to me.

Jarvo 69
Image: Twitter

When I came onto the field, there was laughs; players didn’t know what to do. However, an Indian bowler, whose name I can’t recall [Ravindra Jadeja], asked me “which end do I want to bowl from?” So, I like that chat,” Jarvo added.

Unfortunately for Jarvo, he has been banned from both Lord’s and Headingley’s grounds after his stunt.

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