If Tim Paine Had Talked To Me Like He Did To Ravichandran Ashwin, I’d Have Lost All Respect For Him: David Lloyd

If Tim Paine Had Talked To Me Like He Did To Ravichandran Ashwin, I’d Have Lost All Respect For Him: David Lloyd

Tim Paine, Ravichandran Ashwin
Tim Paine, Ravichandran Ashwin. Credits: Twitter

Australian Test captain Tim Paine has found himself in the midst of a raging controversy after his expletive-laden verbal altercation with Ravichandran Ashwin went viral on social media.

Following Paine’s derogatory comments, criticism has ensued from both fans as well as former cricketers including former England captain David Lloyd has come down hard on the Tasmanian stumper.

In his column for the ‘Daily Mail’, David Lloyd has written that Tim Paine needs to set an example for the rest of his team with his on-field demeanor besides adding that if the Australian had said the same words to him in place of Ravichandran Ashwin, then he would have lost all respect for his counterpart.

“It’s up to Paine now to control his players, but first he has to set an example. Put it like this: if someone had talked to me like he did to Ravichandran Ashwin, I’d have lost all respect for them,” David Lloyd wrote.

Tim Paine, David Lloyd
Tim Paine arguing with the umpire (Credits: Twitter)

Lloyd further added that Ashwin would be unwilling to engage with the Aussies off the field given the amount of trash talk he received from them during the match.

Australian cricket has been on an image makeover spree since the shambles of Newlands 2018. However, their former self was on full show on the final day of the Sydney Test.

Lloyd added that he finds it baffling that Australia still continues to be arrogant considering what happened in Cape Town, two years ago.

“How can Ashwin want to share a drink with the Australians after Paine was trash-talking him the way he did? You’d have thought the Australians would watch their Ps and Qs after that farce with the sandpaper. But they just don’t seem to learn. What on earth is wrong with them?” Lloyd wrote.

Meanwhile, Tim Paine called an impromptu presser on Tuesday where he accepted that he lost the plot amid pressure on the final day and it is not the way that he would want to lead his team moving forward.

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