IPL 2024: Aaron Finch allies with Rohit Sharma on Impact Player rule, Subramaniam Badrinath opposes

Updated - 23 Apr 2024, 07:17 PM

Aaron Finch and Subramaniam Badrinath
Aaron Finch and Subramaniam Badrinath. Image Credit: X

The impact player rule in the ongoing IPL 2024 became a major topic for debate, especially after Indian skipper Rohit Sharma shared its drawbacks, followed by Ricky Ponting’s concerns. Ponting said that this rule made coaches’ jobs difficult, while Rohit said that it impacts all-rounder growth.

The Impact Player rule was introduced last year, and it allows one substitute player per team to participate actively in a match, replacing any player before the 14th over of either inning. While it offers tactical advantages to IPL franchises, it may hinder the opportunities for all-rounders like Shivam Dube, who excel in both batting and bowling.

Chennai Super Kings (CSK) all-rounder Dube is an excellent all-rounder but finds limited opportunities in the ongoing IPL 2024 due to the Impact Player rule. The rule's influence on the players’ selections for the upcoming ICC T20 World Cup 2024 is under scrutiny.

Subramaniam Badrinath and Aaron Finch debate the Impact Player rule's impact on the all-rounders

Meanwhile, former Indian cricketer Subramaniam Badrinath said that the Impact Player is very positive for those players who can’t find a place in the playing XI, but still they get a chance to showcase their skills. He also said that this rule brings a more tactical perspective to the game.

The former CSK star further highlighted its positive aspects despite the challenges it presents for broadcasters and captains. He admitted the challenges for decision-makers but stressed the benefit of providing opportunities for other players apart from XI to showcase their skills on the field.

Speaking about Shivam Dube’s case, Badrinath told Hindustan Times on Star Sports Press Room: “If Shivam Dube can bowl well he can still be on the field but there is some other better bowler or a better fielder who gets an opportunity that's the reason probably Shivam Dube is not there. He has been given a very-very specific role - a middle over specialist.

In the middle-over, he comes in when there are slow bowlers are on, spinners are bowling, that's where he is the both effective but with ball in hand and on the field there are some other players who are much more effective and they are getting an opportunity to be on the field at that point.”

During the same discussion, former Australian captain Aaron Finch expressed his disagreement with Badrinath's views on the Impact Player rule. Finch mentioned that the impact player rule makes the captain's job easier but reduces the tactical elements of the game.

I agree with what Rohit Sharma: Aaron Finch

Finch explained that the rule allows captains to easily fill gaps in their lineup, either with a weaker batter or by relying on bowlers to fulfill all-rounder roles. This, in turn, reduces the strategic challenges faced during the match, as captains no longer need to carefully manage their resources and make the most of the opponents' weaknesses effectively.

Finch said on the show, “But I think from an overall game, I agree with what Rohit Sharma said about the all-rounder. If you're playing International Cricket, you need an all-rounder or you're left with six batters in your tank. So, you're just I think you're taking that opportunity away from some particularly young India all-rounders.

They get pigeonholed because maybe their battings are not good enough to be in the top six, maybe their bowling is not good enough to be in the first four bowlers but as a package, that might be really good. But they just get left behind because there's no need for them anymore.”

In the end, Badrinath said that players like Shashank Singh and Ashutosh Sharma are getting opportunities in the ongoing IPL 2024 due to the Impact Player rule. He also noted that Ashutosh may not be well-known if this rule wasn’t there, and it is “a big boon” for Indian domestic players.


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