It's At My Expense, But It's Okay: Ravi Shastri Not Bothered By The Memes On Him Over Social Media

It’s At My Expense, But It’s Okay: Ravi Shastri Not Bothered By The Memes On Him Over Social Media

Ravi Shastri. (Credits: Twitter)

As much as team India earned accolades for scripting a crushing victory over England within three days in the final Test, coach Ravi Shastri was also hailed for his side’s incredible success. With a 3-1 series win over England, India also confirmed their spot in the ICC World Test Championship’s final. Nevertheless, Ravi Shastri remains a subject of memes.

Even as Ravi Shastri has ushered the Indian team to a plethora of success, especially in Test cricket since he took over as coach, social media has constantly targetted him with memes. Various people over Twitter and Facebook keep coming up with new contents to poke fun at the former Indian cricketer. One of the significant reasons behind Shastri being a meme-material is his love for alcohol.

Image Credit: Twitter

Nevertheless, Ravi Shastri remains unfazed by all and keeps doing his job to the best of his ability. On reaching the World Test Championship’s final, the 58-year old claimed that Virat Kohli’s men deserve to be there for all the hard work they have put in the last couple of years. He admired the youngsters in the Indian team in crucial junctures in the previous couple of months.

It’s at my expense, but it’s okay: Ravi Shastri

Ravi Shastri
Ravi Shastri [Image: Twitter]
Ravi Shastri addressed the memes spread over social media against him by saying that it’s banter and people do it to have fun, which is okay. The former Indian cricketer claimed that it does not affect him and that people would be happy if India succeeds and behave the other way down when the team goes downhill.

“It’s banter all the way. They do it to have fun. It’s at my expense, but it’s okay. Have a drink on my name. When you post that kind of thing, so many people have a laugh. Enjoy, it doesn’t affect me. In cricket, if you are playing well and succeeding, people will be happy with you, and when you are not winning, you have to face some kicks and slaps,” Shastri stated during a virtual press conference.

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