Jasprit Bumrah (Image Credits: Twitter)
Jasprit Bumrah (Image Credits: Twitter)

Former India bowling coach Bharat Arun has said that the premier India pacer Jasprit Bumrah has got a unique ability to accelerate the arm with a longer lever, which is rare amongst fast bowlers.

Jasprit Bumrah is currently leading India in the rescheduled Test match against Ben Stokes-led England at the Edgbaston, Birmingham. So far the India captain has done a great job for his team, scoring 31 runs in the first innings to help India go past the score of 400 and picking 3 wickets on Day 2 to send England on the back foot.

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Jasprit Bumrah
Jasprit Bumrah. Image: BCCI

Speaking to Cricbuzz, Bharat Arun talked about Bumrah being used in short spells in Test cricket. He said:

“He knows the kind of effort he puts in his bowling. He does not get much momentum in his run-up and so he’s generating a lot in the four or five strides and there’s a huge amount of body he uses to get that kind of pace and awkward bounce. So yes, it has its toll and you don’t see Bumrah bowling long spells. Instead, you want him in short bursts.”

Bharat Arun was further asked what makes it so difficult for batters to face the Indian pacer Jasprit Bumrah. He replied by saying that there is a split-second delay in Bumrah’s bowling unlike a pacer with conventional action, which makes him more effective. He elaborated:

“A lot of people spoke about his action but what’s unique about it is that most batsmen – I can talk for the Indian batters who have faced him in the nets – find themselves a little late in picking him up.

“Usually, when bowlers are quick and they have a very smooth, conventional action, you can pick them up easily, in terms of when he’s going to deliver the ball. With Bumrah, it takes a while for a batter to understand. There’s a split-second delay, which makes him that much more effective.”

For Bumrah, the speed with which the arm comes down is exceptionally quick – Bharat Arun

Bharat Arun. Photo- AFP
Bharat Arun. Photo- AFP

Former India bowling coach Bharat Arun was also asked whether Bumrah’s bowling arm was a factor behind batters picking his deliveries late. Arun said that the speed with which Bumrah’s arm comes down is exceptionally quick. He further explained:

“Speed of the arm for any fast bowler is very, very, very important. For Bumrah, the speed with which the arm comes down is exceptionally quick. It has to be for him to generate that pace. Most bowlers start the action with a smaller lever, with the arm slightly bent and then it extends as the arm rotates. But Bumrah starts bowling with the longer lever; his arm is totally extended. 

“It’s very difficult, in the sense that for someone who uses the longer lever first, the acceleration is slightly slower. If you go from short to long levers, there’s more acceleration.

“Bumrah has got this unique ability to accelerate the arm with a longer lever and not many bowlers can do it. That’s why sometimes doing nothing with a bowler is more beneficial than trying to give him some kind of feedback.”

Jasprit Bumrah
Jasprit Bumrah (Image Credits: Twitter)

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