Pat Cummins Wife, Becky Boston Wiki, Bio, Family, Career, Love Story, Latest Updates

Pat Cummins Wife, Becky Boston Wiki, Bio, Family, Career, Love Story, Latest Updates
Pat Cummins And Becky Boston. Image Credits: Twitter

Love can cross any boundaries and Pat Cummins and his fiance Becky Boston’s love story is an exemplary example of it. Pat Cummins is the renowned bowler of Australia while his wife-to-be belongs to England. The two country shares a fierce rivalry in the field of cricket. But their love has glossed over any such friction.

Pat Cummins wife, Becky Boston gladly comes to support his husband in all the matches possible. She openly shares all the achievements and cricket records of Cummins on her social media.

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Pat Cummins Wife Becky Boston Wiki, Bio, And Details:

Pat Cummins Wife Becky Boston Wiki, Bio, Family, Love Story, Career, Details
Pat Cummins and Becky Boston. Image Credit: Twitter

Born in Yorkshire in England, Pat Cummins wife Becky Boston turned 30 on 17 November 2020. While not much has come to light about her professional front, it is believed that she runs an online store selling luxury home furnishings. Apart from this, she also owns a farm and shares a lot of pictures with Pat Cummins doing different activities there.

“I am lucky my fiancee and I have some acreage, which gave me the chance to do all kinds of jobs that I don’t normally get chance to do,” Pat Cummins wrote in the column written for BBC.

Pat Cummins wife Becky Boston’s mother Janie Boston is a fitness freak and she has also followed her mother’s footsteps. Although she is 30 now, she has the perfect slender figure to die for.

Becky’s Instagram is filled with magazine-style travel shots, carefree beach snaps and lots of pics with her main squeeze, Cummins. Her Insta grid is jam-packed full of luxury escapes.

Pat Cummins and Becky Boston Love Story:

Pat Cummins Wife, Becky Boston Wiki, Bio, Family, Career, Love Story, Latest Updates
Pat Cummins, Becky Boston. Image Credits: Instagram

In 2014, Pat Cummins wife, Becky Boston first posted the picture with Pat Cummins on her social media. But it was only after six years of dating, Pat Cummins proposed to him in February 2020. Notably, Becky is three years older than the speedster.

In the interview with Herald Sun, Pat Cummins’ wife narrated about the beautiful moment when the pacer proposed to her. Becky said that Cummins’ approach to the proposal was romantic. The arrangements made by Cummins surprised Becky to such an extent that she threw herself on her loved one after being taken by complete surprise. The Aussie paceman chose a picnic spot to propose to Becky after which he got the champagne bottle out and then went down on one knee.

“Pat surprised me with a picnic down in the country and I had absolutely no idea it was coming. I was a little bit suss when he pulled out the bottle of champagne. It was very romantic, he got down on one knee and I think I just went into shock and threw myself on him,” Boston was quoted as saying in the Herald Sun.

Both Cummins and Becky have shared pictures from their proposal on Instagram. Becky uploaded a photo along with the pacer. Captioning it she wrote, “My forever person. I am the happiest girl in the world right now!!”

Pat Cummins Wife Becky Boston Supporting Her Husband:

Pat Cummins, Becky Boston
Pat Cummins, Becky Boston. Image Credits: Twitter

There is potential for this couple to clash over their allegiance to their respective flags, but Pat Cummins wife, Becky Boston, has gladly supported Cummins in his cricket career for Australia. During the Ashes 2019 hosted in England, she was with Pat Cummins throughout the tour and was spotted supporting from the stands. She has also attended all the Cricket Australia award ceremonies with him since both have been in a relationship. Indeed, She has always been there with him in his thin and thick in cricket career.

Pat Cummins is, currently, busy playing Test series for Australia against India at home. However, Becky is not present with him due to bio-security rules because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. He had taken a break during the limited-overs leg against India to spend some time with her and his family to be fresh for the Test series.

FAQs About Pat Cummins Wife Becky Boston:

Who is Pat Cummins wife?

Pat Cummins is still unmarried. However, he is engaged to Becky Boston.  Pat Cummins wife Becky Boston runs an online store which sells luxury home furnishings.

Who is Pat Cummins partner?

Pat Cummins partner is none other than Becky Boston. Pat Cummins and Becky Boston have been in a 7-year long relationship. The couple got engaged in 2020.

How much does Pat Cummins get paid?

In IPL 2020, Pat Cummins bagged the highest auction bid as he was bought by the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) franchise for $3.17m, which is approximately INR 15.50 crore.

How tall is Pat Cummins?

Pat Cummins is 1.92 m tall. It is approximately 6.4 ft.

Will Pat Cummins play IPL 2020?

Yes, Pat Cummins played in IPL 2020. Earlier, there were concerns about him not being able to join the team because of COVID-19 restrictions. But later, he went on to play the entire tournament. KKR failed to qualify for the playoff of IPL 2020 finishing on the 5th spot in the IPL 2020 points table. Pat Cummins played in 14 games, scoring 146 runs and claiming 12 wickets.

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