Personally Feel Virat Kohli Could Have Had Couple Years More As Captain - Bharat Arun

Updated - 29 Jan 2022, 10:42 PM

Bharat Arun
Bharat Arun. Image-PTI

Former bowling coach Bharat Arun insisted that Indian cricketer Virat Kohli could have continued as the captain of the team for at least two more years.

Kohli recently gave up Test captaincy, just months after stepping down as the T20I captain and being sacked as the ODI captain. Rohit Sharma has taken over in the white-ball formats and might also become the Test skipper.

Virat Kohli, Bharat Arun
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I was personally surprised that Virat had given up captaincy because every time we had dialogues he was so passionate about leading the country. He wanted India to be a dominating force in the world and I thought he had set a wonderful foundation. I personally feel that Virat had at least a couple of years to captain the country,” Arun said.

Speaking about MS Dhoni, Arun stated that he was the coolest mind in the game and could make the best decisions on the spot.

Gautam Gambhir and MS Dhoni. Photo- Twitter
Gautam Gambhir and MS Dhoni. Photo- Twitter

I watched MS Dhoni, the coolest mind you could ever have. Nothing fazes him. If you have a mind that is cool, calm, calculative … that is the best state to take decisions on the go, because the decisions have to be very dynamic. You are making decisions on the go. Next to the Prime Minister, the Indian captain is the most enviable job in the country, so I think somebody who can take the pressure [is the right fit],” Arun added.

“The energy Virat brought to the field was absolutely different” – Bharat Arun

Dhoni and Kohli are quite the contrasting captains. While the former was calm and composed on the field, the other was the most excited and energetic person on the field. Arun also added that Rohit will have a different approach to captaincy as well.

If you look at Virat Kohli and Dhoni, contrasting characters. But each one has his way of bringing something to the table. Once he is on the field, Virat is at the opposition. He wants to win at any cost. The energy he brought to the field was absolutely different.”

He was willing to lead by example, take the bull by its horn and that’s what the captain should do. If you look at Rohit Sharma, he has a different methodology to his captaincy but he is also equally successful,” Arun added.

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