Rahul Dravid openly revolts against Jay Shah a day after meeting him in Dharamsala

Published - 10 Mar 2024, 02:26 PM

Rahul Dravid Jay Shah
Rahul Dravid Jay Shah. Image Credits: Twitter

Team India head coach Rahul Dravid had words of support for Mumbai all-rounder Shardul Thakur who was left out of the squad entirely for India’s home 5-match Test series against England.

Thakur had recently cried out to the BCCI about re-designing the schedule for the Ranji Trophy season, which is getting hectic for the players. After his comments came to the notice of Dravid, the senior team head coach asked the BCCI to hear player’s grievances.

Before not finding his name in the squad for the England Test series, Shardul Thakur had traveled with the Indian team for their Test series in South Africa. He was a part of the Indian XI which suffered an innings and 32-run loss in the 1st Test at Centurion. After that, he joined Mumbai for the Ranji Trophy 2024 and is also playing the Finale against Vidarbha which began today.

What did Shardul Thakur try to convey to the BCCI?

While speaking to media outlets after Mumbai defeated Tamil Nadu to reach the Ranji Trophy final, Shardul expressed his worries about players going through turmoil in the domestic season. He stated that injuries among nationwide cricketers will increase if the BCCI doesn’t step in and re-thinks the scheduling of first-class cricket.

The 32-year-old pointed out the short amount of rest the players get in the 3-day gaps they are offered in between Ranji matches. It is something that is happening for the first time as Shardul Thakur also stated that the schedule is getting tighter this year.

He lastly expressed his worry that players will become subject to brutal injuries if it continues before asking the apex board to do something in their favor.

“It’s difficult because we are playing first-class games in three days’ gap, which has never happened in Ranji Trophy season ever. You know the schedule is becoming tighter and tighter. If boys keep playing like this for two more seasons, there will be lot of injuries across the country. Next year, they (BCCI) have to re-look at it and give more break.” – Thakur told media outlets. 

Shardul’s comments are not the first time that questions have been raised against BCCI’s scheduling of the Ranji Trophy. A lot of the group-stage matches, especially in North India, were halted due to extreme cold conditions. The season was given a starting date of January 5, which is the time when winters are at peak in the Northern region.

Rahul Dravid urges BCCI to listen to the players

While speaking in a press conference yesterday, Rahul Dravid took notice of Shardul Thakur’s comments and urged the BCCI to sit down and listen to the players’ concerns. Rahul Dravid said it’s necessary to hear the players as they are the ones putting all the effort into playing those games and putting their bodies on the line.

“I saw some of the comments by Shardul. In fact, some of the boys who’ve come into the team also commented about how tough the domestic schedule is. We need to hear the players because they are going through the grind and putting their bodies on the line.” – Rahul Dravid said in a press conference on Saturday.

“We need to see how we can manage our schedules. It’s a long season already in India. It’s tough. The Ranji Trophy is a long season, and if you add a Duleep and a Deodhar to that if I’m not mistaken, the Duleep started in June, a month after the IPL. Your problem in this situation is your best players, the guys who are pushing for selection for India, are the ones that end up playing the most cricket.” Rahul Dravid concluded.

Rahul Dravid had met Jay Shah in Dharamsala after the conclusion of the IND vs ENG 5th Test.


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