RCB vs DC: Sourav Ganguly blames Sanju Samson for Rishabh Pant's ban

Updated - 12 May 2024, 12:44 PM

Rishabh Pant Sanju Samson
Rishabh Pant Sanju Samson (Credits: X)

Delhi Capitals Director of Cricket Sourav Ganguly blamed Rajasthan Royals captain Sanju Samson for Rishabh Pant's one-match ban. 

Rishabh Pant was handed a fine of INR 30 Lakhs as well as a 1-match ban for his third offense of maintaining a slow over-rate in the IPL 2024 season. Pant's Delhi Capitals had committed this offense twice already in the season and the 3rd instance not only involved a fine but also saw the franchise captain miss the subsequent game.

What did Sourav Ganguly say in his plea?

Yesterday, before Rishabh Pant's one-match ban was confirmed, Sourav Ganguly and Ricky Ponting appeared in front of BCCI officials to overturn the matter. Ganguly and Ponting were joined by Pant himself and they reported their concerns to BCCI CEO Hemang Amin in the presence of DC Vs RR's match referee Daniel Manohar. 

Sourav Ganguly was the first one to speak on behalf of Rishabh Pant in front of the officials. Ganguly firstly argued that the Ball Retrieval Allowance time for the total of 13 sixes that were hit by Rajasthan Royals in the 2nd innings, was granted only 3 times. It means that the 0.30-minute ball retrieval time was granted only thrice during the innings. 

The former India captain also brought the Sanju Samson DRS controversy to the fore. Ganguly argued that the review time allowance of 3 minutes was extended further after Samson started protesting against the on-field Umpires. 

That incident had gained a lot of traction as Sanju Samson, along with the Rajasthan Royals dugout, were not willing to accept that he was out. Shai Hope had caught the ball near the boundary ropes and during that review and protest, more than 3 minutes went by and that was also added against Rishabh Pant and Delhi Capitals having a slow over rate. 

Then the turn came for Ricky Ponting to read out his plea. Ponting started by highlighting the number of wide deliveries that were bowled by the DC bowlers towards the back end of the 2nd innings. Because of that reason, Rishabh Pant did not have many overs left to compensate for the time lost and he could not boost the over rate using the spinners.

Ricky Ponting then claimed that Rishabh Pant should not be held responsible or guilty of the slow over-rate charges and that his ban and fine should not take place.  

Ganguly and Ponting's plea rejected

Despite the thorough appeal of Ricky Ponting and Sourav Ganguly on behalf of Rishabh Pant, the match referee and the BCCI CEO rejected their appeal. In their reasoning, the officials claimed that none of Ponting or Ganguly had any evidence to show in their appeal against Pant's one-match ban and thus the decision would stand as it is. 

"When confronted with the question of evidence for their submissions, the Appellant submitted that since the Team is not provided the actual video footage of the Match, the Appellant is unable to provide the calculations as to the time which was consumed in ball retrieval and reviews, as well as other delays."