Shaun Tait
Shaun Tait (Image Credit: Twitter)

Last Update on: August 21st, 2021 at 03:14 pm

Former Australian speedster Shaun Tait explained the reasons behind today’s generation of fast bowlers aren’t able to bowl over speeds of 150 Kmph consistently like in the past era. Tait was one of the quickest bowlers going around in the world at his prime and he was fascinating to watch.

Tait was particularly good in the limited-overs format as he bowled four quick overs clocking speeds constantly around the 155 Kmph to 160 Kmph mark. He is still the second-fastest bowler in the world with a top speed of 161.1 Kmph which he did against England at the Lord’s in 2010.

Shaun Tait Reveals The Reasons Behind Today's Fast Bowlers Struggling To Bowl Over 150 Kmph
Fastest Bowlers Of Current Generation[photo: Twitter]

Shaun Tait Highlights The Bowling Programs Factor

Shaun Tait explained that the bowling programs are similar for every bowler in the current generation and there are similar protocols that have been generated by the trainers. He recalled his generation with quick bowlers like Shoaib Akthar and Brett Lee where the bowler had more of a say rather than the trainers during the bowling programs which was one of the main factors.

“I can talk about this for an hour… I think anywhere you go right now, bowling programs are very similar, workload, programs, you have to do this, you have to do that. Whereas when I played, before that Shoaib and Brett Lee, our programs were there but we had a big input into them,” Shaun Tait told in a chat with Sportskeeda.

Shaun Tait, ODI World Cup
Shaun Tait (Image Credit: Twitter)

“We Were Not Faced With Almost Like A Robot-Type Thing” –  Shaun Tait

Shaun Tait claimed that the current structure for fast bowlers to be like a robot-like thing where the instructions have already been set. He added that the onus was on himself to deliver in his generation and he would have to take care of his body while the current generation bowlers have the luxury for rest days which has hampered their speeds.

“We were not faced with almost like a robot-type thing. You are not doing the same thing, day in, day out. You are not being told by people what to do all the time. You are taking a bit of onus on your career and doing what feels good for your body.”

“Nowadays they are told ‘Now, have a rest day’, ‘Bowl a certain amount of balls this day.’ For me, it was like, I’ll bowl hard for two days and I’ll have two days off and my body felt like I needed a break, so I’ll take a break,” he added.

Pakistan cricket team
Shoaib Akthar[photo: Twitter]
Shaun Tait is among the two-member club for hitting the 100 mph mark in international cricket alongside Shoaib Akthar.

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