Stuart Macgill
Stuart Macgill (Image Credit: Twitter)

Former Australia spinner Stuart MacGill remembers his frightful kidnapping saga from last month when he could have even been killed.

On April 14, Stuart MacGill, 50, was abducted from near his home in Sydney and taken to another part of the city.

According to a report in the Daily Telegraph, he has told the police that he was stripped naked, punched around eight times in the face, and was threatened at gunpoint during his hour-long torture by the kidnappers, who were reportedly three in number and have been arrested by the Australian police.

Ricky Ponting and Stuart MacGill
Ricky Ponting and Stuart MacGill (Image Credit: Twitter)

Stuart MacGill’s involvement with drug dealers lead to his kidnap

Stuart MacGill, who took 208 wickets in 44 Tests and could have played more if his career hadn’t coincided with that of Shane Warne, said he was kidnapped by three men and driven to a farm shed in the western Sydney suburb of Bringelly.

He alleged that the incident happened a week after he introduced his partner Marie O’Meagher’s brother Marino Sotiropoulos with a drug dealer know by the name of Sonny, who was a regular customer at his restaurant.

Sotiropoulos allegedly sold 2 kg of cocaine to Sonny but disappeared after either not paying the money or using counterfeit currency. Sotiropoulos then reportedly confronted the former spinner at his house, but the latter refused to take any part in their dealings.

Sotiropoulos then threatened Stuart MacGill with dire consequences: “Mate, it’s all over for you, you’re f***ing dead.”

Stuart Macgill
Stuart Macgill (Image Credit: Twitter)

After this, the 50-year-old was reported to have been kidnapped by three men including one he referred to as the “Big Guy” who later demanded AUD 1,50,000 along with threatening to cut off his fingers with a pair of boltcutters.

As of now Son Minh Nguyen, Richard Schaaf, and Frederick Schaaf have been charged and arrested. Sotiropoulos is also held by the police and is expected to apply for bail next week.

However, his lawyer Nguyen’s lawyer Greg Goold told the court earlier during a bail application that his client had no prior knowledge of the alleged kidnapping plot.

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