Daniel Vettori
Daniel Vettori[Photo: Twitter]

Birmingham Phoenix has confirmed Daniel Vettori as Andrew McDonald’s replacement for the 2021 season. McDonald pulled out of Birmingham Phoenix’s head coach role due to personal reasons. Meanwhile, Andrew McDonald will continue as a consultant with the franchise and will make a comeback as a coach in 2022. Vettori will now take over as the head coach for the 2021 season. 

After his confirmation as the head coach of Birmingham Phoenix, Daniel Vettori spoke about taking up the responsibility from McDonald and working towards the path of success. 

“I feel really honoured to be asked to step up and take the reigns from Andrew this year. We’ll continue to communicate regularly and Andrew’s advice will be vital to our success” said the former New Zealand spinner.

Daniel Vettori To Replace Andrew McDonald As Birmingham Phoenix Head Coach

Daniel Vettori
Daniel Vettori (Image Credit: Twitter)

Vettori spoke about the Birmingham Phoenix team being a strong one and the common goal of winning ‘The Hundred’ trophy. This will be his latest coaching stint with a franchise team having previously coached Brisbane Heat, Royal Challengers Bangalore and Middlesex. He also played for RCB in the IPL.

“Our squad looks really strong and we want to build a winning team and hopefully bring The Hundred trophy to Birmingham,” said Vettori. 

The Hundred is cricket’s newest invention and a brainchild of the England and Wales Cricket Board. It was supposed to start last year but was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is an eight-team tournament with teams from eight different cities in the UK. Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham, Birmingham, Cardiff, Southampton and two in London.

The Hundred
Photo Credit: (Sky Sports)

The rules of the league are very appealing as a team can only play a maximum of 100 balls in an innings. Moreover, the ends will change post every 10- deliveries.

Bowlers will bowl either five or 10 continuous deliveries and can deliver up to 20 maximum in the match. Also, the 25-ball powerplay will see a maximum of two players outside the 30-yard circle.

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