Tim Paine
Tim Paine (Image Credit: Twitter)

Tim Paine was recently involved in a sexting scandal that ended up derailing the last phase of his Australia Test career. He had to step down from the captain’s role and Paine also took an indefinite break from cricket.

The victim of the sexting scandal, Renee Ferguson, has come forward once more, this time accusing Cricket Tasmania’s former general manager of venue operations, Stephen McMullen of making lewd and inappropriate comments in the workplace.

As per news.com.au, McMullen laid his eyes on two bananas on the receptionist’s desk and ended up allegedly stating, “Oh, you need two bananas, do you?

Tasmania. Credits: Cricket Victoria

Further revelations were made in the same report claiming that McMullen continued the conversation and shifted the topic to personal life. He then proceeded to ask, “Have you ever had a threesome?

The lawsuit filed by Ferguson also asserted that such behaviour is ‘relentless’ and ‘systemic’ but nothing is being done about it.

Tim Paine
Tim Paine and wife Bonnie. Image-Fox Cricket

Furthermore, the court documents added that Renee Ferguson felt deflated and at the same time also lost all confidence in her work because of the sexual harassment,” the lawsuit read.

Ferguson had earlier accused Paine, his brother-in-law Shane Tubb, and several others at Cricket Tasmania of harassment.

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