'We Consider Ourselves To Be The Innocent Parties' : Stuart MacGill Opens Up On His Alleged Kidnapping

‘We Consider Ourselves To Be The Innocent Parties’ : Stuart MacGill Opens Up On His Alleged Kidnapping

Stuart Macgill
Stuart Macgill (Image Credit: Twitter)

Former Australia wrist-spinner Stuart MacGill has opened up on the disturbing events of the kidnapping he endured in mid-April. Stuart MacGill suffered a heavy toll of the same on his professional and personal life. Additionally, the 50-year old has strongly denied any involvement of his and his partner in supplying cocaine.

Reports emerged that on the 14th of April, Stuart MacGill was abducted from his home in Sydney and moved to another part of the city, where the perpetrators beat him and threatened him at gunpoint. Nevertheless, the Australian cops arrested four men linked with Macgill’s kidnapping and assault in the first week of May.

Stuart MacGill asserted that he and his partner Maria know they are not involved in any wrongdoings and it’s the people’s problem whether they chose to think anything opposite of what the truth is. The Western Australian stated they are the innocent party in this incident and being in the hospitality industry, their job is to introduce people to other people.

“I know that I have done nothing wrong, Maria has done nothing wrong. If people choose to think something contrary to what’s been presented by both myself and the police, then that’s up to them. We consider ourselves to be the innocent parties in this one. Part of hospitality is making sure the room works. We introduce people to other people all the time,” Macgill told Channel Nine’s A Current Affair.

For me, the restaurant was everything: Stuart MacGill

Stuart Macgill
Stuart Macgill (Image Credit: Twitter)

Stuart MacGill, who had to close his restaurant after the landlord seized the premises, revealed that the restaurant was everything for them and the recipes in there were her own. But what hurt the 50-year old the most was how their family and friends let them down, including their close ones.

For me, the restaurant was everything. For Maria, it was her baby. She created it, all the recipes were hers. The feel, the look, everything was hers. But we don’t have that now. First of all, we have been let down by friends significantly. We have lost friends, we have lost family, particularly Maria, who you must feel very, very sorry for. It has hurt my family,” he added.

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