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Who Will Win 1st ICC Test Championship between India and New Zealand?

Kane Williamson and Virat Kohli
Kane Williamson and Virat Kohli. Image Credits: Twitter

India and New Zealand have both booked their final match against each other after both teams showed impressive performance in the League table. The two teams will be the first to compete at the prestigious finals of the first-ever ICC World Test Champion. India in a sterling performance managed to thwart England’s attempt to book a place in the coveted finals.

The historic final that will pit India against New Zealand is now set to take place on June 18 at the Rose Bowl, Southampton Cricket Ground. It is going to be a test match and there is a probability that it might end in a draw, so, what happens in such a scenario? Who will win The ICC World Test Championship if the finals end in a draw?

What happens if the match ends in a draw?

Both the Indian and New Zealand cricket teams have qualified for the final of the ICC World Test Championship. So, if the final test match ends in a draw, the two teams will share the coveted trophy. Even though there is a provision of a reserve day, however, that provision is only effective if there is a loss in the net playing time. Net playing time here refers to the standard game time that is set by the ICC, which is set at 30 hours of play (generally 6 per day).

The reserve play rule only comes into play if the regulation time hasn’t been fulfilled. An example is if an hour’s play is lost due to natural causes, for instance, rain or poor light, and then the hours’ play is covered on any other days of the Test Match, there won’t be a reserve day.

New Zealand to Face India From June 18 – 22

The New Zealand and Indian cricket teams are going to face off at the Rose Bowl, Southampton Cricket Ground starting June 18 to 22 in 2021. The decision to shift the match from the initial venue was made due to Coronavirus safety protocols. India finished the league table at the top position with 72.2% PCT. New Zealand finished second with 70.0%.

India managed to clinch a spot in the World Test Championship Final against New Zealand with cruising innings and a 25-run win in the fourth and final test against England in Ahmedabad.  Ravi Ashwin and Axar Patel were the crucial men of the match for India as they picked up 17 wickets between them to give India victory over England. On the other hand, New Zealand beat Pakistan 2-0 at home to claim No. 1 Test ranking for the first time in their Test history. Kyle Jamieson took 11 wickets in the 2nd and final test to lead Kiwis to the top of the ICC test rankings.

The betting information on this match

The final match between India and New Zealand offers a perfect opportunity for bettors and punters alike to try their luck. With these impressive stats for India considering it finished the league table on top of New Zealand, is it safe for punters to choose India to win the match? Well, you can never be certain as to which of the two impressive teams are going to emerge victorious. However, most bookies are giving India odds of 4/6 against New Zealand’s odds of 11/10.

Types of cricket betting
There are various types of cricket betting available for punters to choose from and all it takes is just choosing one that best suits a punter’s unique interests. Of course cricket just like most other sports have the match winner bet and the tie bet. However, the sport also has other amazing and interesting bet options available for punters to opt for.

Here below are some interesting cricket betting options:

Top team batsman – Nothing can be more interesting than watching a batsman hitting the ball explosively into the stands. Well, the betting sites give punters the chance to bet on which player they think will score the most runs in a team’s innings. Ordinarily, the shortest odds are usually offered on the regular six-hitters.

Total innings runs – One of the most popular markets involving live cricket betting. Here, the bettor simply predicts whether the batting team will score more or less runs than the line set – 180 runs. For example, if a punter selects a team to score more runs than this total, that team will need to post at least 181 runs or more for the punter to win. Should the selected team score just 180 or less, the bet would have been lost.

The top team bowler – Betting sites also accept bets for a pick on a bowler that will take the most wickets in an inning. There are several factors that usually come into play to determine which bowler that will have the most success. In the case of the upcoming match between India and New Zealand it would only be fair for bettors to choose fantastic players that have shown superb bowling capability.

The next wicked method – There are several wicked things that usually occur in cricket matches. Like for instance a batsman could be dismissed in a number of ways and betting sites allows bettors to bet on such occurrences. Interestingly, these kinds of bets are usually given higher odds thus giving the bettor’s chances of winning big should such instances actually occur.


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