10 Famous Cricketers And Their Past Professions Before Cricket

10 Famous Cricketers And Their Past Professions

MS Dhoni. Credits: K.R Deepak.
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It is the hard work of the cricketers that take them to the topmost level of the game. However, some times only the hard yards put into practice doesn’t yield results for them. Meanwhile, some of the famous players have struggled in their respective careers before making it big in the game.

The players have put in the hard work and subsequently, they have managed to rise from the ashes. In fact, it is never easy to change one profession and play cricket at the topmost level of the game. It takes a lot of courage and guts to come out of the bubble and make the ends meet. We take a look at 10 famous cricketers and their previous profession before playing cricket.

Here are the 10 players.

Mitchell Johnson

Mitchell Johnson | Australia vs India 2018 |
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Australian fiery fast bowler Mitchell Johnson was a truck driver before he breathed down the neck of the world-class batsmen. In fact, Johnson will keep on practising and he eventually made it big in his career. Johnson had great pace in his armoury and troubled the batsmen throughout the world. Johnson was one of the successful fast bowlers and bowled with great success. The southpaw seamer scalped 313 wickets in the Test format whereas he took 239 wickets in the One Day format.

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Gautam Chauhan

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