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The game of cricket has many rules. There are some standard rules which come into action on a regular basis. However, there are some unknown rules in the game which don’t come into play on a regular basis. These are the rules which are unheard of and some of the fans would be surprised to know about them.

Meanwhile, it is said that all the teams should abide by the rulebook. However, there are some rules in the game which are not in the spirit of the game. India’s spinner Ravichandran Ashwin had recently mankaded Jos Buttler in the Indian Premier League. However, there was a long discussion on playing by the rules and playing against the spirit of the game.

Playing by the rules and by the spirit of the game are two different things and there is always a controversial discussion on the same. If there are rules in place, then how can playing according to them be against the spirit of the game.

We take a look at 10 unknown rules of cricket.

10. The Penalty Rule.

10 Lesser Known Rules Of Cricket

The wicketkeeper generally puts the extra helmet behind the stumps. If the ball hits the helmet, the umpire gives five runs to the batting side. This is done to make sure that a boundary is not obstructed by the helmet.

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