5 Fittest Cricketers In Contemporary Cricket

Five Fittest Cricketers In Contemporary Cricket

Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli (Credits: BCCI)
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It cannot be emphasized in today’s era how much does fitness levels of an athlete matters. It is the age wherein competitive cricket has touched a level rarely witnessed before. The athletes have no choice but to cope up with the constant changing of the formats throughout the year. Thus, the degree of fitness levels for each version of the game varies drastically.

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That also calls for certain flagbearers in all the teams, one who can instil a strict fitness culture. To remain at the top, it becomes crucial to keep one’s body in good shape, which helps in keeping up with the ever-increasing demands of international cricket. And there is none better than to learn from their fellow athletes on how to adhere to keeping themselves fit. But with the cricketers enjoying a lengthy break currently, one can expect more cricketers to come out with better fitness levels.

We take a look at five fittest cricketers in contemporary cricket:

David Warner:

David Warner
David Warner (Credits: Twitter)

David Warner’s fitness levels are a significant contributor to his extraordinary cricketing skills. At 33, the little dynamite shows little signs of slowing down while running between the wickets and fielding. Even as he spent a year away from competitive cricket, Warner kept working hard. And after coming back, his energy levels, as well as the competitiveness, remained the same.

The New South Wales-born isn’t particularly ripped. However, he takes his fitness regime quite seriously and regularly posts his workout photos on Instagram. Adhering to a strict fitness schedule is proof of his exceptional power-hitting abilities at will.

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