5 Rules Of Cricket That Should Be Changed After The Coronavirus Pandemic

5 Rules Of Cricket That Should Be Changed After The Coronavirus Pandemic

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After emerging from Wuhan in China last year, the Coronavirus has now gripped the whole world, affecting more than 190 countries.  The conditions refuse to improve as developed countries such as America, Spain, Italy have failed to combat the deadly illness.

The fact that a cure for the same, hasn’t been found so far, has complicated matters a lot, and hence staying at home and practising social distancing is the only way to curb the spread of the Coronavirus. Due to this, all forms of professional cricket has been suspended indefinitely, up until the situation improves.

Not just cricket, the Tokyo Olympics of 2020 have also been postponed until 2021, because of the contagious disease. While we continue to hope that things will get better one day, things will change when cricket resumes, after the crisis passes by.

Here are the five rules of cricket that should be changed after the Coronavirus pandemic:

5) Shining the ball with saliva

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Faf du Plessis (Source: Twitter)

Shining the ball with saliva is a regular sight in cricket, as it enables bowlers to get the required swing in the air. Since the rules allow this, it’s a tactic used by many players. However, now that Coronavirus has been around for some time now, studies have shown that one way how the disease can spread is through saliva.

The saliva of a person infected with the virus can spread it to other people as well. Therefore, judging by the severity of the situation at hand, we can expect the International Cricket Council (ICC) to make a rule to stop players from shining the ball using their saliva.

This, in turn, would stop them from spreading the disease further, irrespective of the fact whether they are infected or not. It’s just one of the rules of cricket that must be changed after the pandemic.

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