Asia Cup 2018: I feel shame to watch Pakistan games - Saeed Ajmal

Asia Cup 2018: I Feel Shame to Watch Pakistan Games – Saeed Ajmal

Asia Cup 2018, Saeed Ajmal, Pakistan
Saeed Ajmal (Credits - AP)

It seems like Pakistan fans are still hurt with the way their team played in the Asia Cup 2018. The debates are still going strong in the Pakistan news channel with the former players addressing the table. During the course, Saeed Ajmal lashed out at Pakistan team for their poor quality of cricket.

The former off-spinner quoted the players need to look at themselves in the mirror for their performance. He is also unimpressed with the way they have surrendered to Bangladesh team during the Asia Cup 2018.

Bangladesh used to get scared playing with Pakistan – Saeed Ajmal

Further, the spinner explained that Bangladesh team, who used to fear to play against Pakistan is now staring at the Pakistani batsmen asking to score runs. He also added the Pakistan team is in a poor state which needs to improve as quickly as possible.

Pakistan, Saeed Ajmal,
Bangladesh knocked out the Pakistani team from Asia Cup 2018. Image Courtesy: Getty

Meanwhile, he also asked Sarfraz Ahmed to lift his batting standards. Saeed Ajmal dug into the numbers of Sarfraz Ahmed for the last ten games, where he scored only one 50-run knock.

”Bangladesh is such a team where they used to fear to face Pakistan team. Now, the bowler is giving a stare at our batsman asking to score runs. This is the state of Pakistan team. If you give six months for Hong Kong, they will also do the same for Pakistan. I am really feeling shameful to watch the game with such performances. This is the team that won ICC Champions Trophy 2017 and now, they are in such a state,” Saeed Ajmal quoted.

Sarfraz Ahmed, India
Sarfraz Ahmed. (Photo by Tharaka Basnayaka/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

”Leave about captaincy, Sarfraz Ahmed has been pretty poor with his batting. He scored only one fifty in the last Eleven matches. Even that one fifty also came very hard for the batsman. Coming to the captaincy, we played the games against India like their boys,” he added.

However, it seems like Saeed Ajmal isn’t impressed whatsoever with the style of play by the national team. He wants the team to pull up their socks as quickly as possible to come good in the upcoming 2019 World Cup.


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