Asia Cup 2018: Pakistan's Chacha Chicago Helps Sudhir Gautam for UAE Trip

Asia Cup 2018: Pakistan’s Chacha Chicago Helps Sudhir Gautam for UAE Trip

Asia Cup 2018, Sudhir Gautam, Chacha Chicago, Pakistan, India
Chacha Chicago alongside Sudhir Gautam. PC: Twitter

Perhaps, this would be the best thing you would read in the contemporary times. The fans of India and Pakistan in gentleman’s game cricket not only showed their passion for the game but also showed how loving they are off the field. Meanwhile, in one of those sweet stories, the famous fan of Pakistan named Mohammad Bashir Aka Chacha Chicago helps India’s Sudhir Gautam for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) trip regarding the ongoing Asia Cup 2018.

India’s ardent fan Gautam left his hopes of cheering for India in the Asia Cup 2018. He is running short of the money and couldn’t manage his hotel bills or the flight tickets.

I am not the rich person, but my heart is – Basheer Chacha

However, he got the love from Bashir Chacha, the famous Pakistan supporter who carried all the expenses of Sudhir Gautam for the Asia Cup 2018.

Speaking of the same, Bashir maintained that it’s for only pure love, but it has nothing to do with money or publicity.

India Vs Pakistan, Fans, Sudhir Gautam
Sudhir Chaudhary has been across different countries to witness national team playing. Photo Credit: Getty Images.

“It’s pure love. You know the money will come and go with Allah’s grace. I told Sudhir you just come here and I will take care of everything. I am not a rich person but my heart is as big as an ocean. If I help you, Allah will be happy,” Bashir Chacha told Xtratime.

Speaking of the same, the die-hard Indian fan Gautam asserted that he had given up his hopes to visit the UAE. He went on to explain that Bashir took care of all his things from food, tickets and the hotel expenses.

“I handled the visa, chacha handled the tickets just for me to cheer for Team India. Chachaji also took care of everything, including the hotel and my food,” Sudhir Gautam, the famous Sachin Tendulkar fan quoted.

On India vs Pakistan encounter:

When asked about the India vs Pakistan, Gautam reiterated that India will win the Asia Cup 2018 and will take the revenge of ICC Champions Trophy 2017.

Meanwhile, Bashir remarked that he would be happy despite the result.

“We lost the Champions Trophy final against them last year but 2018 is ours. We will take revenge against them here and Asia Cup is ours,” Sudhir said. 


“India and Pakistan game will happen every year. Last time we won [Champions Trophy final] and this time I will be happy if you win the game,” concluded

However, it is soothing to see both the fans in the form of Chacha Chicago and Sudhir Gautam while maintaining a great bond off the field. Meanwhile, the stage is set for the cracker of the contest on September 19th at Dubai International Cricket Stadium in UAE.


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