Former Australian cricketer Mitchell Johnson recently took a sly at team India skipper Virat Kohli as the latter said that he wants a sledge-free summer in Australia.

Meanwhile, Johnson shares an old rivalry with India skipper as he did not miss the opportunity to take a slight dig oh his comments. Kohli on the eve of leaving said that he wants a quiet summer in the Down Under.

When it comes to getting engaged in an argument, or a fight, as people like to call it excitedly, I have been completely okay with playing without an altercation. At a personal level, I don’t need to find these things anymore. I have enough belief in my abilities that I can play without a reason to pump myself up,” Kohli said in the press conference.

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Furthermore, Virat Kohli stated that they are ones who respond and doesn’t start anything. Thus, he admitted that they would only concentrate on cricket if things didn’t start.

We were always the ones giving it back. We were never the ones starting anything. So as long as it doesn’t start, we don’t have a problem in focussing on our game and just doing what we need to do,” he added.

Fox Sports Cricket tweeted the news about Kohli’s press conference where he made the aforementioned comment and in reply to that tweet, Johnson said that will look forward to the send-offs given to Kohli.

I look forward to no Virat send-offs,” Johnson replied.

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Meanwhile, India will play a four-match Test series against the Aussies starting from December 6 after the T20I series. They will be keen to script history against a weak Australian side, who will be without Steven Smith and David Warner. Previously, they had a poor outing in South Africa and England earlier this year.

The Test series commences from December 6 at Adelaide.