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Yet again Bangladesh Cricket Board is in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Following the player strikes and the ban of Shakib Al Hasan, in the latest, the Bangladesh Cricket Board barred the top official for corruption charges. Mahbubul Anam is one of at least two senior Bangladesh Cricket Board directors under suspicion

The commission told immigration police in a letter on Thursday that Anam was under investigation for manipulating tenders and appointments and abusing his power in the selection of cricket board sponsors. Surprisingly, the other name kept confidential even after the corruption charges levied.

An investigation is underway – Pranab Kumar

Bangladesh’s anti-corruption commission has barred a top cricket official from leaving the country as it steps up an inquiry into the sport’s national body, a spokesman said Friday.

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The commission spokesperson Pranab stated that the person, who was in the question should not leave the country until the final judgement made. Currently, the investigation process is going on to get further details of the fraud committed by the concerned persons.

“An investigation is underway against him (Anam) for amassing illegal wealth. The concerned authorities have been instructed to ensure he cannot leave the country,” commission spokesman Pranab Kumar Bhattacharjee told AFP.

β€œIt was learnt that this person is trying to flee the county with his family. For the proper investigation, it is essential to stop him from going abroad,” said the letter, which was seen by AFP.

I am not involved – Mahbubul Anam

Meanwhile, Mahbubul Anam stated that he wasn’t involved in such false doing. Further, Anam added that he wasn’t involved in any tender process or sponsorship details. However, the investigation is still going on, which will reveal further details of the case.

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β€œI am not involved with any BCB tender process or sponsorship. The allegation is not true,” Anam, a former BCB general secretary and vice-president said.

Well, it would be interesting to see how things would turn out. Mostly, the investigation officers will escalate the situation to bring curtains down on the matter as quickly as possible.

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