Chai Dada, MS Dhoni, Pink Ball Test
Chai Dada (Credits - Twitter)

Though we are aware of the lifestyle of cricketers and their career right from the start, we hardly knew the inside stories of the dressing rooms and the personal stories of a few players. In the latest, we came across one of those soothing stories of MS Dhoni, who had a great relationship with ”Chai Dada” of Bangladesh.

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Bhulu Chandra Ghosh of Bangladesh, who always travel with the Bangladesh team serving a tasty tea, revealed that the former skipper of the Indian National Cricket Team MS Dhoni is a fan of his ”Chai”. Explaining the story behind it, Ghosh revealed that MS Dhoni, who was the leader of the pack in 2008, had his Chai and since then, he became the fan of his chai.

Adrak Kam, Nimbu Zyada – MS Dhoni’s order to Chai Dada

He further revealed that MS Dhoni makes sure to have at least one cup of tea whenever he visits Bangladesh or meets him. With India hosting their first-ever Pink Ball Test, Chandra Ghosh, who is nicknamed as Chai Dada, wishes to meet MS Dhoni and serve him the special tea. Revealing the flavour, Dhoni used to order Tea with less Ginger and more amount of lemon juice.

Chai Dada, MS Dhoni, Pink Ball Test
MS Dhoni stepping out of his Hummer. Credits: Twitter

“Ginger Kam, lemon Zyada, Dhoni always used to tell me… I don’t exactly know why but he used to love the tea I made,” Ghosh told Hindustan Times. “When we met later in an Asia Cup game, Dhoni jokingly pointed towards me and said, ‘I get great tea from him what will I get from you?’ to a few journalists. He won’t come? I think Dhoni will be there for this pink-ball Test,” Ghosh said,” said Ghosh with a great deal of enthusiasm.

Players really like the tea I make –

Not only MS Dhoni but also the players like Suresh Raina, Ravindra Jadeja and Yusuf Pathan are the regular customers of Chai Dada’s Masala Tea. Now, Ghosh eyes the skipper of the Indian team Virat Kohli and the head coach Ravi Shastri to make fan of his Chai during the upcoming Pink Ball Test at Eden Gardens.

Ravi Shastri, Virat Kohli, Newlands, Press Conference, South Africa Vs India
Virat Kohli with Ravi Shastri. (Photo Credit: IANS)

“I’m carrying all the stuff with me. I just need a place to make tea,” said Ghosh, while narrating the process with his hands. I’ve travelled with the Bangladesh team in many places. Wherever I go, I become a part of the team. The players really like the tea I make for them,” added Ghosh.

Well, it would be interesting to see if the Indian players find time to have a tea of Chai Dada. Hopefully, his wish to see MS Dhoni at Eden Gardens come true alongside his trials to make Virat Kohli and Ravi Shastri fans of his Chai.

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