BBL 2019-20 - Outstanding Catch Comes Under The Spotlight

BBL 2019-20: Extraordinary Catch On The Field Sparks Confusion Among The Fans And Umpires

A still from the effort. (Credits: BBL)

The ongoing tournament of Big Bash League (BBL), in its short tenure, has already served the fans with many unforgettable moments. There were some comeback wins, a couple of hat tricks, and a few outstanding catches. The latest controversy that has broken out falls under the category of a spectacular catch. In retrospect, it was an extraordinary fielding effort in the boundary that resulted in a catch but left the on-field umpires and fans completely confused.

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The incident took place in the 29th game of the competition between hosts Brisbane Heat and Hobart Hurricanes. With Hobart Hurricanes struggling 98-5, Matthew Wade tried to hit Ben Cutting’s delivery for a six over long-on. Matt Renshaw, the fielder, took the catch on the rope, but lobbed it up as he stepped over the boundary. He then heaved the ball back into the field while on the air, where Tom Banton grabbed a simple chance.

BBL 2019-20: Extraordinary Catch On The Field Sparks Confusion Among The Fans And Umpires
Matthew Wade. (Credits: Twitter).

The signal by the on-field umpires stood as out. Post a lengthy delay; the opposing skipper was adjudged as out. Despite the third umpire saying not out initially didn’t stop Wade from marching towards the Pavillion. The dismissal led the fans in social media to go entirely berserk. The cricketing laws state as below:

Law 19.5.2 states: A fielder who is not in contact with the ground is considered to be grounded beyond the boundary if his/her final contact with the ground, before his/her first contact with the ball after it has been delivered by the bowler, was not entirely within the boundary.

It states the below as well:

A catch will be fair only if, in every case either the ball, at any time or any fielder in contact with the ball, is not grounded beyond the boundary before the catch is completed. Note Laws 19.4 (Ball grounded beyond the boundary) and 19.5 (Fielder grounded beyond the boundary).

Below is the video of the catch:

Matthew Wade left awestruck and confused by the effort:

The southpaw indeed held the belief he was out and thus started to walk back. Additionally, he was doubtful whether a player is allowed to touch a ball and force it back in while standing outside the park to which the umpire responded that it is permitted. Wade also applauded Renshaw’s stunning effort in the ground too.

“I had no idea of the rule, really. Once he hit the outside the field of play, I didn’t know if he was allowed to touch the ball or not. The umpire said he was, and once they told me he was allowed to hit it outside the field of play and tap it back in, I knew it was going to be out. It was pretty good work. I’m not sure he could’ve done that a few years ago.” the left-handed batsman said as quoted by

Eventually, Brisbane Heat won the match by chasing down a score of 127 successfully when Ben Cutting smashed a six to complete three wins in a row.

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