10 Teams With The Most Runs Across All Formats In International Cricket
10 Teams With The Most Runs Across All Formats In International Cricket.
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The history of international cricket goes back to 1877 when the 1st Test match was played between Australia and England. Over the years, many new teams became part of international cricket and multiple formats also emerged. Currently, there are three formats in international cricket- Tests, ODIs, and T20Is.

If we talk about the history of Test cricket, a total of 2449 matches have taken place over the years. There are 12 countries that have played at least 1 international Test match. The 1st ever ODI took place in January 1971, and so far, a total of 4350 ODI games have taken place. Talking about T20Is, the first-ever game took place in February 2005 and a total of 1455 T20I games have taken place so far.

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There are over 100 nations that have national teams are at least 16 of them regularly play at the international levels and ICC tournaments. There are few teams that started playing international cricket just a decade ago.

There are also few teams that have been part of international cricket for more than 50 or 100 years. These teams have played a lot of matches across all formats and piled a mountain of runs in international cricket. In this listicle, we talk about 10 teams with the most runs across all formats in international cricket.

Top 10 Teams With The Most Runs Across All Formats In International Cricket

10. Bangladesh- 3,25,388 Runs

Bangladesh, International cricket
Bangladesh team, Image Source: Twitter

Bangladesh gets the 10th spot on this list. The Asian country has piled up 3,25,388 runs across all three formats in international cricket so far. The team has played 639 matches in all three formats. Bangladesh has played 128 Tests and accounts for 1,26,809 runs. In 388 ODIs, Bangladesh has scored 1,63,741 runs. In 123 T20I matches, they account for 32,838 runs.

*Stats updated till 29/01/2022.

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