ECB Virtual Reality Goggles Future Purpose England

ECB could experience virtual reality of Queen’s University Belfast for future purpose

VR, ECB, England, Ashes 2017-18, Belfast, Ulster Rugby, Paul Nixon, Cathy Craig
Virtual reality goggles could further shape up the future of youngsters. Photo Credit: Queen's University Belfast

Of late, the virtual reality games has had taken to the center stage when it comes to the gentleman’s game, as the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) could further see it as the potential tool for the players which saw the United Kingdom have a thorough trial of the VR headset in Belfast which has been prepared over the traditional Ashes series.

With something to rely and focus on the improvement, it’s pertinent to mention that the ECB management early this year met Professor Cathy Craig, who is working at Queen’s University in Belfast.

Craig has been working on owing to the sports technology which is based on a headset.

VR, ECB, England, Ashes 2017-18, Belfast, Ulster Rugby, Paul Nixon, Cathy Craig
Experience would be as same as the bowler used to ball. Photo Credit: Queen’s University Belfast.

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Former England batsman Paul Nixon started while wearing the VR goggles it helps to have a better view and set the focus on the ball has been fascinating.

“Your eyes are a muscle and it strengthens them,” Nixon was quoted as saying by the Guardian.

Setting the best example the tool would further allow users to work on skills and keep them improving following the routine.

Moreover, with England going down 2-0 in the ongoing five-match Magellan Ashes series, the reports suggested it could play a quintessential role in honing the skills and present the professional game to the fore in the foreseeable future for players.

“The theory is excellent. We understand what the performance potential is,” the head of a science department for ECP Raph Brandon remarked, as the technology was first tested upon Irish cricketers.

The technology is said to be a steppingstone for the youngsters to face the quality bowling and further while being based on the motion sensors the batsman could further gauge and improve their batting accordingly.

With virtual reality having witnessed a lot of change and improvement, such VR headsets could further make things easier in the future for England in particular.

The largest VR in the sports-oriented country, the sports technology is based out in Belfast as the laboratory further explains how things are supposed to be shaped up in the future.

On the other side, Ulster Rugby has further shown the interest in the idea floated by Craig which is expected to be the fruitful exercise.

“We look to be smarter and VR feeds into that,” Ulster’s head in performances for athletics Jonny Davis asserted.

The VR headsets are further working on the extensive angle which would further give batsmen the idea to understand the variations, angles and much more.

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So much so, the footages are being collected from the TV cameras to make it sync with while relying on the alignment when it comes to taking against the fast bowling.

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