England Test skipper Joe Root admitted Eoin Morgan is a brilliant leader and should not drop himself from the World Cup squad next year in their own country.

Meanwhile, Morgan recently stated that he is ready to drop himself from the side if he doesn’t fit in the World Cup squad. Eoin Morgan has played a key role to revolutionise this ODI team to make them the top-ranked ODI side. However, Joe Root feels having him on the field is the best way to go.

“It doesn’t surprise me,” Root told BBC Radio 5 live, when asked about Eoin Morgan’s comments. “I wouldn’t do it if I was him because he adds so much as a leader but it doesn’t surprise me because that is the character he is,” Joe Root added.

Eoin Morgan
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Furthermore, Root feels Eoin Morgan is a kind of a cricketer who can do anything to give his team the best chance of winning. He also noted that these are the traits of a brilliant leader.

He will do what it takes to make sure we are giving us ourselves our best chance winning and that’s the sign of a brilliant leader. But, personally, I think having him on field is when this England side is at its strongest,” Joe Root continued.

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The prolific run-scorer also revealed that Eoin Morgan is an example for him and has done some remarkable things for his side.

He is a fantastic captain. He has done some remarkable things with this team to it get from where it was to number one in the world. It is a great example for me with the Test side,” Joe Root concluded.