Glenn McGrath
Glenn McGrath. Credit: Twitter

Australian pace spearhead Glenn McGrath has recalled an incident when Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar got furious on being dismissed. Sachin has been one of the most decent and humble sportsmen the cricketing world has ever seen. He has been a patient player throughout his career and the spectators have hardly ever seen the Master Blaster venting out his frustration on the field. McGrath has opened up on one such incident when Tendulkar lost his cool.

On December 13, 1999, Tendulkar was adjudged out LBW after a ball from McGrath hit his shoulder. Playing in the Adelaide Test, Tendulkar tried to duck the short ball. It did not bounce as much as he expected and hit him in front of the stumps.

On-field umpire Daryl Harper took the controversial decision and it is still one of the most controversial decisions taken on the cricket field.

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Glenn McGrath Opens Up On The Infamous Decision:

Speaking at a special private session during the World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting week, McGrath said, “Sachin was batting and I think he had still not scored many runs or was still on zero, having just come in. I bowled him a bouncer and Sachin is not the tallest guy going around.”

Glenn McGrath
Glenn McGrath. Credit: Getty Images

“The bouncer will generally bounce and clear him quite easily, but that day when it bounced, it kept low and he ducked it and it hit him on his shoulder. And because he is not very tall, when he ducked it… from where I could see, I could see the bails over the top and it was hitting the middle stumps.”

Sachin Tendulkar
Sachin Tendulkar Photo Credit: Getty Images.

“So, I appealed and the umpire gave him out and he was not happy. So he walks off. Is it LBW? Probably, it should have been SBW or Shoulder Before Wicket,” the pace spearhead added.

Furious Sachin Tendulkar & Sledging Incident:

McGrath also threw light on the time when Tendulkar, portrayed behaviour contrary to his nature. He shared the first time when he saw the Master Blaster sledging on the field. It was a Champions Trophy game between India and Australia in Kenya. McGrath told the audience that Sachin was furious with his antics.

“I bowled to him, he pulled it and it went straight up in the air. I thought I had got him out and the wicketkeeper would get an easy catch,” he added. 

“But there was a breeze there and the ball kept drifting further and further away from the wicketkeeper and then I thought the third-man is going to take it who was ready to catch it and then he started going back and back and the ball finally fell out of the fence for a six,” McGrath stated.

Glenn McGrath

“I was not very impressed and then I could hear someone saying a few words to me and I turned around and it was Sachin sledging me. That was very unusual and had not happened before,” said McGrath.

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