Gulbadin Naib, Afghanistan Cricket Board
Gulbadin Naib (Credits: Getty)

Last Update on: December 12th, 2019 at 03:49 pm

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The former skipper of Afghanistan Cricket Team Gulbadin Naib has threatened the Afghanistan Cricket Board to expose the corruption within the board publicly. Naib stated that he would publicly name and shame the government, players and management if appropriate actions aren’t taken.

The game of cricket is the only source of happiness for millions of fans in Afghanistan. People believed that sport could be used as a significant tool to help the country get out of its current troublesome state. However, the reappointment of Ashgar Afghan as the skipper and Gulbadin Naib threatening to expose a lot of people certainly gives us a message that everything is not well in Afghanistan Cricket Board.

Asghar Afghan, Rashid Khan, Afghanistan Cricket Board, Gulbadin Naib
Asghar Afghan with Gulbadin Naib. (Credits – Twitter)

I am going to reveal every person identity – Gulbadin Naib

Gulbadin Naib had replaced Asghar Afghan three months before the World Cup 2019 and went on to lead the team in the marquee event. However, Afghanistan performed poorly in the ICC tournament and ACB was forced to hand over the reins to young Rashid. Under Rashid Khan, the national team recently had to suffer a whitewash in the three-match ODI series against West Indies.

“My dear Afghans, the main reason why i went public is not because I have personal grudge against player or the board. I am going to reveal every person identity involved in corruption and other misconducts and betrayals against our Nation cricket and its ppl,” tweeted Naib starting a series of tweets.

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Gulbadin Naib
Gulbadin Naib. Credit; Getty Images

“I know most of you may ask why have I not spoken publicly against these ppl/mafia circle before. I have been sidelined and promised, by the authorities and other stakeholders that they will sort the mess in the cricket team and promised immediate changes & banning of this circle,” Naib tweeted.

In a series of tweets on Wednesday Naib also threatened to expose the cricketers who had deliberately under-performed during ICC Cricket World Cup under his captaincy. Naib warned the board, saying that if the officials do not take the appropriate steps, then he will reveal everything in public.

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