Harrdy Sandhu Opens UP On His Journey From India U19 And Ranji Trophy Player To Singer

Harrdy Sandhu Opens Up On His Journey From India U19 And Ranji Trophy Player To Singer

Harrdy Sandhu
Harrdy Sandhu (Credits: Twitter)

Harrdy Sandhu needs little introduction. The dashing man from Punjab is one of the most popular singers in the country right now. His popularity is only going to increase in the coming days thanks to his role in the much-awaited Bollywood film 83.

Directed by Kabir Khan, the movie tells the story of India’s fairytale triumph in the 1983 World Cup. The Kapil Dev-led side defied all the odds and went on to win India’s first-ever World Cup by beating the mighty West Indies in the final. Harrdy Sandhu is playing the role of Madan Lal in the movie.

And while people across the country know Harrdy Sandhu as a singer and actor, very few know that he was a cricketer in his early years. In fact, he could have been a big name in the Indian cricket circle if injury had not ruined his plans. Harrdy Sandhu played for India U19 as well as Punjab Ranji team but injuries dashed his hopes of going further in cricket.

But instead of being bogged down by the huge setback, he took up singing and is now one of the most sought after singers in the country. In a recent interview, he opened up on his heartbreaking journey which dashed his plans in cricket.

“I played cricket for about nine years and suffered three injuries because of which I couldn’t continue. The first one happened when I was playing for India under-19 in 2005.

“I got my back fractured, but I was scared to tell anyone and continued playing. After the game, I went to rehab for six months. Afterwards, I started training again and played for Punjab Ranji Trophy and around the end of 2006 or the beginning of 2007, I received an injury in my elbow.

“Hopeful of getting it fixed in Australia, I went there with a student visa and enrolled myself for a community welfare course.

“Alongside, I was driving a taxi and getting myself treated too. Sometime later, when I saw those players who would sit outside while I would play, playing for IPL, I felt really bad and patched three of my friends in a conference call and told them that I am coming back to resume cricket and in case, I couldn’t, I will start singing.

“I just said it out of the blue. I used to sing while driving and had been told that I sing well by friends but until that moment there were no plans to take it seriously,” Harrdy Sandhu told The New Indian Express.

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