England and Wales Cricket Board’s (ECB) plans to introduce the 100-ball competition has drawn mixed reactions from the cricketing fraternity.

While many feel the idea is the need of the hour, considering the demands of present day’s viewers, others think another shortened format might affect the game. England’s limited-overs skipper Eoin Morgan is one of those who believes the proposed format is suitable for the game.

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Morgan is a fan of 100-ball Cricket

Backing the idea, Morgan admitted he is a “big fan” of the format and believes the 100-ball cricket will only help the game to grow further. Last week, the ECB announced a revamped eight-team competition, which would see each side face just 100 balls.

The competition is scheduled to start in the summer of 2020. The format of the game is such that each side faces 15-six-ball overs and another ten deliveries in one over to make up a total of 100 balls.

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Before making the decision public, the ECB had briefed about it to Morgan along with women team’s skipper Heather Knight. And it looks like Morgan is impressed by the concept.

Morgan, who took part in a T10 tournament in the UAE during the winter, opined that the 100-ball tournament would bring a freshness to the game.

“I think the noise that it’s created is brilliant; it’s good news because you get the same people who love the game – like I do – coming to the game and complaining about it because staying rigid is what we’re used to and what we enjoy. But there’s a huge element of staying rigid that can eat away at the game an deter the popularity of the game, and that’s a big worry. So the hundred format, I’m a big fan of it,” ESPNcricinfo quoted Morgan as saying.

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“When they came to the idea of the 100-ball scenario, I really enjoyed it.It’s cricket at its simplest and coming from a background in an area that’s not very cricket orientated; I suppose I had a reasonable view on things because I’m not tied to one format, or appealing to one certain audience. I want to get something forward that’s going to appeal to everybody,” he added.

Meanwhile, the ECB had also confirmed the venues; Southampton, Birmingham, Leeds, London, Manchester, Cardiff and Nottingham would host the new competition. 

The competition would also witness each franchise having a men and women’s team.