ICC Announces 'ICC Back To Cricket Guidelines' For Cricket Resumption Amidst COVID-19

ICC Announces ‘ICC Back To Cricket Guidelines’ For Cricket Resumption Amidst COVID-19

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In the wake of the novel pandemic that is the coronavirus [COVID-19], the ICC has come up with the safety guidelines in order to ensure the safe resumption of cricket and assist the member boards in kickstarting the cricketing activities, as the stringent measures placed by the governments around the world begin to relax.

ICC Announces 'ICC Back To Cricket Guidelines' For Cricket Resumption Amidst COVID-19
Australia and New Zealand played out n ODI behind closed doors before COVID-19 (Photo-Cricket Australia)

The apex cricketing body, in a document developed by the ICC Medical Advisory Committee in consultation with Member Medical Representatives, has recommended the appointment of Chief Medical Officer and a 14-day isolation training camps in its latest set of guidelines

Here’s the list of primary recommendations as part of developing the ‘ICC Back to Cricket Guidelines’-

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Safety First and Foremost

A] The ICC’ priority is the wellbeing of the entire cricket community.

B] The resumption of cricket activities should begin only if there is no perceived or known risk that might result in a significant increase in the local COVID-19 transmission rate.

C] The guidelines further state that all measures should be taken in order to minimize the risks associated with the cricket environment i.e: field of play, training venue, changing rooms, cricket equipment, and of-course the management of the ball have been mitigated before the start of any session.

Follow the Government’s advice

A] The guidelines further state that the member nations should be in sync with the safety advisories laid by their respective governments with regards to the resumption of cricket activities. The guidelines make it clear that no cricket activities should resume until the approval of the same has been obtained by the government of the concerned nation.

B] The ICC Member nations should be guided by the advice of their respective governments with respect to travel and the quarantine requirements.


The role of leadership and cricket’s wider impact on the current situation

A] In a world shaken beyond belief by the damage that COVID-19 has caused, ICC believes that cricket could play a leadership role in combating the pandemic.

B] The ICC is looking to provide full-fledged support to sports individuals, teams and national cricket federations with a clear objective to support a safe and successful comeback to the regime.

C] Cricket carries with it numerous physical and mental benefits and could play a positive role in individuals gaining a sense of normalcy in their lives.

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