Former Indian spinner Erapalli Prasanna believes Ravichandran Ashwin should have given a warning to Jos Buttler before Mankading him. However, it wasn’t the case as Ashwin dislodged the bails without giving any cautionary note to Rajasthan Royals opener. Since then, Ravichandran Ashwin has drawn a lot of flak on social media from former players.

Meanwhile, as per the law 41:16, it is not compulsory for the bowler to warn the batsmen. In fact, this law has been revised in the recent past. Earlier, it was mandatory for the bowler to give a warning to the non-striker batsman.

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Erapalli Prassana. Image: Source Twitter

Ashwin has been under scrutiny.

Consequently, Ravichandran Ashwin was playing within the laws of the game. However, it hasn’t gone down well with the cricket fraternity. The cricket world has likened the controversy with the spirit of the game.

Meanwhile, former Karnataka Prasanna is not at all impressed with Ashwin’s action. The former spinner believes it was not in the right spirit for Ashwin to ran out Jos Buttler.

Erapalli Prasanna feels Ashwin is feeling guilty and he is trying to cover up the truth.

“He is feeling guilty and he is trying to cover up. I don’t think he is clear to himself. He is bluffing. He is not telling the truth,” Prasanna told IANS.

Meanwhile, Prasanna believes Ashwin Mankaded in the heat of the moment. Kings XI Punjab had their backs against the wall and they were desperate for the wicket of Jos Buttler, who was going strong. In fact, the wicket of the Jos Buttler turned out to be the turning point of the match as Rajasthan Royals slumped to pressure.

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R Ashwin mankading Buttler (Credits: BCCI)

“I think (Ashwin) did it in the heat of the moment, all these things do not apply. Even a school cricketer knows, a batsman has to be cautioned. It has to be fair play.

“The most important point is, such an action is taken after cautioning the non-striker, telling him that he is leaving the crease much before the ball is delivered.”

On the other hand, Ravichandran Ashwin said that it was an instinctive decision as he had not planned the run-out. However, Prasanna believes Ashwin is not playing the game fairly.

He is not playing the game fairly.

“If he has made a statement like this, that he did it impulsively, that means he is not playing the game fair and square.

“Whether he is playing within the laws of the game, or not, he has to caution the non-striker. He is taking undue advantage of the 22 yards.

Meanwhile, Ravichandran Ashwin has drawn a lot of flak for the run-out. Ashwin has played within the laws of the game and there is no point in criticising him. In fact, the laws and the spirit of the game are two different facts. Consequently, how it is unfair to play according to the rulebooks? In fact, the Mankad decision has always been controversial since its inception in 1947 when Vinoo Mankad ran out Australian batsman Bill Brown.

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