I Know We Will Win This Battle: Kapil Dev On Coronavirus Pandemic

I Know We Will Win This Battle: Kapil Dev On Coronavirus Pandemic

Kapil Dev, Sachin Tendulkar, Jasprit Bumrah, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Kapil Dev
Kapil Dev. Credit: PTI

Former Indian skipper Kapil Dev has urged his fellow countrymen to stay at home, during the 21-day lockdown in India, in order to stop the spread of the Coronavirus Pandemic. The deadly disease has so far taken more than 16 lives in the subcontinent itself, while more than five million people have been tested positive worldwide.

With such an impending danger on humanity, Kapil feels that the lockdown is like a “lifeline for mankind”, and only if people stand together in times such as these, and act responsibly, will they be able to win the fight against the crisis.

Challenge yourself in these times: Kapil Dev

In an interview with Sportstar, the 61-year-old who led India to their first-ever World Cup triumph in 1983, has advised the people of India to challenge themselves by staying at home at all costs.

“You are supposed to stay at home. So, stay at home. It is the least one can do to help the competent and relevant authorities to fight this life-threatening virus,” Kapil said. 

Kapil Dev, Coronavirus, India
Kapil Dev (credits – AFP)

He continued, “It can be taken in a positive way. Lockdown or Stay at Home. You have to challenge yourself to accept this situation. You have the world inside your home – your family. You have means of entertaining yourself – books, TV, music. Best is the interaction you have with your family members.”

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Kapil Dev reveals how he’s holding up in quarantine

The former all-rounder Kapil Dev, who is widely recognised as one of the best of his trade revealed how he is spending time in isolation.

“I sweep the house, clean the garden. My little garden is now my golf course also. I am getting to spend so much time with my family. Something that I had missed in the last so many years,” Kapil said. “I give the cook a break and cook for everyone. I take turns to do the dishes. I had learnt all this while playing in England when Romi (his wife) would join me.”

Kapil Dev, Coronavirus, India
Kapil Dev. Photo Credit: Getty Images.

The player who is fondly remembered by his nickname of ‘Haryana Hurrican’ also added that he remains positive that humanity will win the battle against Coronavirus pandemic.

“I have read and heard how the human race has fought and set examples when dealing with crisis. India’s strength lies in our culture – looking after each other and caring for elders. We have to look to help the seniors. I know we will win this battle by staying together and strengthening the hands of our government and doctors by staying indoors,” he said, before signing off.

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