MCC Permits Relaxation in Dress Code at Lord's After Heat Wave in England

MCC Permits Relaxation in Dress Code at Lord’s After Heat Wave in England

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As heat wave gripped England, MCC has permitted some relaxation in the dress code at Lord's. Photo Credit: Getty Images.

England apparently witnessed their hottest summer day in several years on Friday (July 27) when the temperatures sear over  38.5-degree Celsius during the day. The heat in England also forced MCC to break the dress code at Lord’s.

Interestingly, they would now allow their members to enter the pavilion at the Home of Cricket, Lord’s without a jacket for the very first time in its history.

Moreover, the forecasters had earlier warned that Friday could be hotter than ever. The Cross-Channel Rail operator had to take the decision of cancelling overnight tickets for the day trip.

Scorching heat and searing temperatures caused the air conditioning in the trains to buckle. It was indeed a tough day for the people in the United Kingdom (UK). They haven’t witnessed anything of this sorts in many years.

Meanwhile, several carriages were taken out of service on Thursday due to the heat. It also caused long queues for a half-hour or so.

England becomes the hottest country in Europe:

The announcement was made as England became the hottest country in Europe. It led to several cancellations of the summer outdoor events.

“To our knowledge, this is the first time members have been given prior permission not to bring a jacket at all,” a spokesperson at Lord’s said.


“Before, once or twice a season, they would be given permission to move around the pavilion without a jacket if it got really hot. It is the first time it has been prior agreed that they don’t even need to bring a jacket with them,” the spokesperson added.

The ongoing heatwave was expected to break all the records on Friday when it crossed 38.5-degree Celsius. It has been an unpleasant summer for the natives of England. Also, it forced MCC to permit some relaxation regarding clothing at iconic Lord’s.

However, the visiting Indian team is quite used to the heat in the country.

Hence, they will be in pretty good stead ahead of the five-match Test series. The hot and humid conditions could also help the spinners make an impact.

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