MS Dhoni Can Hit Bigger Sixes Than Normal Batsmen: Monty Panesar

MS Dhoni Can Hit Bigger Sixes Than Normal Batsmen: Monty Panesar

MS Dhoni (Photo-Reuters)

MS Dhoni had the ability to strike the ball with brute force. It was his six-hitting ability which made him one of the finest finishers of the game along side the likes of Michael Bevan. His abilities to hit sixes and finish a game came under sever scrutiny in the 2019 World Cup. However, Monty Pansesar, believes it was in Pakistan when Dhoni had gained the light with his whirlwind knock.

Panesar also recalled when Dhoni took him to the cleaners in Kolkata. He said that the former India cricketer was hitting him for sixes out of nowhere. He also added that it went miles and made him realise that Dhoni has the ability to hit sixes 20 metres further than any normal batsman.

Monty Panesar
Monty Pandesar (Credits – Getty)

“I think (when) Dhoni came into (the) reckoning was actually his hundred against Pakistan, when he was pulling Shoaib Akhtar for fours and sixes. We all were sitting and wondering – ‘Oh, how is he doing that?,” Panesar told the Times of India.

“And then I remember bowling to him in Kolkata where he hit me for a six out of nowhere. It just went miles. Dhoni’s six-hitting ability is almost 20 metres further than the normal batsman.”

Dhoni made a big name for himself by making the country proud with his achievements after coming from the cricketing backwaters of Ranchi. He has achieved immense success as a player and also grew up to be one of the most successful captains and achieved almost everything the ICC tournaments had to offer.

MS Dhoni Can Hit Bigger Sixes Than Normal Batsmen: Monty Panesar
MS Dhoni. (Credits: Twitter)

All the success had made him one of the most influential person on the cricketing circuit but he was not the same when he was first introduced to the national team. Besides that, MS Dhoni has also been the go-to man for his teammates whenever he was on the field.

Dhoni understood the game well. He knew the strength of the side and backs his players accordingly. He did not takes any kind of frivolous decisions and likes to maintain his calm. It is due to these qualities Dhoni came up as one of the most calm and composed character on the cricket field.