Miss Late Night Chats, Dinner With MS Dhoni: Mohammed Shami

I Miss Late Night Chats, Dinner With MS Dhoni: Mohammed Shami

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The allegations further took Indian cricket by storm. Photo Credit: AFP.

MS Dhoni made a big name for himself by making the country proud with his achievements after coming from the cricketing backwaters of Ranchi. He has achieved immense success as a player and also grew up to be one of the most successful captains and achieved almost everything the ICC tournaments had to offer. All the success has made him one of the most influential person on the cricketing circuit but he was not the same when he was first introduced to the national team. Besides that, MS Dhoni has also been the go-to man for his teammates whenever he is on the field.

MS Dhoni understands the game well. He knows the strength of the side and backs his players accordingly. He does not takes any kind of frivolous decisions and likes to maintain his calm. It is due to these qualities Dhoni comes up as one of the most calm and composed character on the cricket field.

MS Dhoni
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MS Dhoni likes to sit and have dinner with everyone, we chat till late night: Mohammed Shami

Despite his stature in international cricket, MS Dhoni is a gentle human being. He treats his teammates well. Premier India fast bowler Mohammed Shami, who has played under MS Dhoni, said he used to sit and have dinner with everyone. Beside coming, playing and joking around with his teammates. These are the things Shami misses the most about Dhoni in his absence.

I Miss Late Night Chats, Dinner With MS Dhoni: Mohammed Shami
Mohammad Shami and MS Dhoni (Photo-Google)

“I played in all the formats under him barring IPL. With regard to guidance, he will always treat his teammates in such a way that you won’t even feel that he is MS Dhoni,” Mohammed Shami said during an Instagram chat with Rohit Juglan.

“He is such a big player. I have a lot of memories about him. Now also we think, Mahi Bhai will come and it will be fun playing.

“One thing I like is he (Dhoni) likes to sit with everyone and have dinner. There are always two-four people with him. We chat till late night, and these are the things that one misses.”

At present there is a lot of speculation regarding to the future of MS Dhoni. He did not feature in a match since 2019 World Cup nor has let anyone known about his future. He continues to remain silent.