Nitish Rana's Wife Saachi Marwah Rana- Bio, Family, Career

Nitish Rana’s Wife Saachi Marwah Rana- Bio, Family, Career

Nitish Rana's Wife Saachi Marwah Rana- Bio, Family, Career
Nitish Rana and Saachi Marwah Rana. Image Source: Instagram.

Saachi Marwah Rana, who is a successful interior designer, is the wife of prominent Kolkata Knight Rider batsman (KKR) Nitish Rana. She is also a founder of a design studio and award-winning interior designer based in Delhi. The duo had a three-and-a-half-year long relationship after which they decided to tie the knot in February 2019.

Saachi Marwah Rana is a passionate and hard-working woman. Her parents had a big role in supporting her to achieve her dream. In the interview with BEGIN UP, She claims that her creative talents are groomed under the guidance of her artistic parents.

Indeed, her mother, Sagita Marwah is a National Awardee as a bronze sculptor, and her late father Surinder Marwah trained her on interesting handmade Finishes. So, at a very young age, she was trained by several reputable interior designers.

But how the Saachi and Nitish, who belong to two different professions, crossed the road and decided to spend their life together.

Saachi Marwah Rana and Nitish Rana’s love story:

Nitish Rana's Wife Saachi Marwah Rana- Bio, Family, Career
Saachi Marwah and Nitish Rana dated each other for three years. Image source: Instagram.

The cricketer was the one to take the first move to begin their love story. In the Kapil Sharma Show, Nitish Rana, along with a couple of other cricketers, had a candid chat about their personal life. And then, the batsman revealed that it was love at first sight for him.

 “I wanted to do love marriage right from the beginning. Since childhood, my dream was to do love marriage. My dream was to get married early. I told my coach that I will get married by the age of 24-25. I wanted marriage from the beginning, ” Nitish Rana told Kapil Sharma.

After this, Nitish said, “Before marriage, we dated each other for three-and-a-half years. Saachi’s brother Paramveer and his brother used to play football together. I also joined them when I had a break from cricket. Saachi used to walk there. I saw her for the first time there. And then, I came to know that she is Param’s sister. Although I knew she is one and a half years older than me, I didn’t get bothered about that and took the first move. I messaged her the first time. “

Saachi Marwah Rana and Nitish Rana decision to marriage:

Nitish Rana's Wife Saachi Marwah Rana- Bio, Family, Career
Saachi Marwah Rana and Nitish Rana are made for each other. Image source: Instagram.

As both have a busy life, Saachi Marwah and Nitish Rana took a considerable amount of time to know each other better. In the Cricbuzz show Spicy Pitch, Saachi reveals that they both had little time to meet each other because their schedule didn’t match at times. After they had a great understanding, the couple got engaged in the year 2016, later they got married on February 19, 2019.

“He was really shy initially. We come in from two different family backgrounds. We are two different people. I like to party. He prefers staying at home. But now the roles are reversed I like to stay at home and he likes to party (she laughs). But I think he has gone a little extrovert from introvert….,” Saachi Marwah said in the Cricbuzz show Spicy Pitch.

“Most of the time he is travelling and most of the time I have to be out of work…There was a routine when I used to come back from work in the evening and he used to come back from practice, we meet for half an hour for a quick coffee. It took us the time to understand the schedule but I’m used to it,” she added.

Nitish Rahan’s wife Saachi Marwah Rana rose to renowned interior designer:

Nitish Rana's Wife Saachi Marwah Rana- Bio, Family, Career
Saachi Marwah Rana. Image source: Instagram.

Saachi Marwah’s professional career began in 2015, a year before she engaged with Nitish Rana. She has been trained under many esteemed interior designers and the truly polished faculty of Sushant School of Design, Ansal University. The vibrant interior designer pulled out all the stops to turn her passion into a profession. She had managed to work at quite renowned firms after her college and could save some money to start her studio, pay the rents, or expand the team.

She started with one client; she was referred to by a friend and hired to design one room in their home and thus she slowly grew her business through word of mouth. And, now, Saachi Marwah Rana is the Founder, Principal Designer of Saachi Rana Design Studio.

Saachi Marwah Rana a big supporter of Nitish Rana’s dream to play for India:

Nitish Rana's Wife Saachi Marwah Rana- Bio, Family, Career
Image source: Instagram.

Saachi Marwah Rana has been seen supporting the Delhi-born southpaw from the stands during his KKR matches. She had also travelled with Nitish Rana to the UAE to support him during the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2020. In one of the matches between Delhi Capitals and KKR, Rana, after scoring a crucial half-century, showed the jersey, which had written Surinder, towards the dressing room. Rana made this gesture in tribute to Saachi’s father Surinder Marwah, who passed away after a battle with cancer on October 23.

The couple is the supporting pillar for each other. In the interview, Saachi had said that she wants Nitish to achieve his dream.

“He should reach where he wants to reach…..He is always supportive of his team. He says he play for the team…He knows what he want to do,” Saachi said in the interview with Spicy Pitch.

Currently, Nitish Rana is busy playing Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2020 for the Delhi team lead by Shikhar Dhawan. Recently, in the match against Mumbai, he smashed 74 runs off 37 balls, which included seven fours and five sixes, and his 122-run stand with Himmat Singh (53, 32b, 3×4, 4×6) helped Delhi to a gargantuan 206 for four. As a result, Delhi comfortably won that match. Considering the IPL 2021 edition is near, the T20 domestic tournament will boost his confidence after he had a satisfactory last edition.