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Not long back, a video surfaced showing India bowler Ashoke Dinda getting hit on his forehead during a local game. Meanwhile, another pacer, Jaydev Unadkat has expressed his concern over the same. In a recent Twitter post, he said such instances are scary for the bowlers. He further asked about the well-being of Dinda, who has been cleared by the doctors after CT scans and checkups. Though Dinda remains out of danger, the thought of it happening again has kept the bowlers on their toes. In a bid to find a solution, Unadkat tagged Ravichandran Ashwin and asked whether a ‘face-mask’ would help.

Here is the video of Ashoke Dinda suffering a head blow in Bengal’s T20 practice match for Mushtaq Ali championship –

Unadkat expresses concern over Dinda episode

Jaydev Unadkat tweeted,

About time that a “face-mask” for bowlers makes its way into all that has evolved in cricket. Its scary how this kind of incidents have become frequent in our game! Hope you good Dinda .. What do you say Ash bhai?

Though there have been a few discussions and modifications done to prevent such instances happening all over again. The umpires in the past have been hit on the head as well. However, the helmets for the officials have been introduced in the game, and during franchise cricket; they tend to wear the head-gear while officiating in the match.

Ashwin backs Unadkat idea

Ravichandran Ashwin, India’s premium ace bowler has backed the idea of introducing a ‘face-mask’ for the bowlers. Ashwin said such kind of horrifying instances didn’t use to happen until the invent of T20 cricket. Meanwhile, the game, which is involving day by day has pushed the authorities to take safety measures for the bowlers; which after looking at this video should get implemented soon.

He said,

“Been saying it since 2011, these kind of incidences never used to happen in the pre T 20 Era. Something has surely changed , wonder what it is”

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