Five Records That Were Created By Women Cricketers Before Male Players

Five Records That Were Created By Women Cricketers Before Male Players

Belinda Clark. (Credits: Twitter)
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Women cricketers have taken huge strides in recent times. In today’s world, there is hardly any field or line in which women are lagging or not making breakthroughs. Women have become a living example for millions to make inroads in the aspect of medicine, technology, art, culture, space, and not to forget sports. Cricket, in specific, is one such area where female cricketers have kept on escalating.

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People celebrate record-breaking landmarks in men’s cricket with immense joy. Undeniably, if a male athlete reaches a milestone, it does command celebration. But many may not be aware women cricketers already breached some of those numbers. We might be oblivious; however, women’s cricket has reached those heights where, in some aspects, they have left behind their male counterparts.

We take a glance at five records which women cricketers created before men did:

First double-hundred in ODIs:

Belinda Clarke (Credits – Getty)

The cricketing world came to a standstill, and people still want to relive the moment when Sachin Tendulkar got to double-hundred in an ODI in 2010 against South Africa in Gwalior. It was the inaugural in men’s cricket; however, it wasn’t the first in the version. Australian women’s cricketer Belinda Clark had already breached that particular landmark way back in 1997.

Clark mustered 229 off 155 deliveries in a Women’s World Cup match against Denmark in Mumbai. She remained unbeaten till the end of the innings and maintained a mind-numbing strike rate of 147.74. Her knock helped Australia to a total of 412, eventually earning a victory by a massive margin of 363 runs.

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