Sachin Tendulkar Names His Cricketing Idols

Sachin Tendulkar Names His Cricketing Idols

Sachin Tendulkar Pakistan (Courtesy: AFP photo)
Sachin Tendulkar Pakistan (Courtesy: AFP photo)

Sachin Tendulkar loved the game and worked rigorously to earn the distinction of ‘God of cricket’. His was not a regular Mumbaikar story. It was a story of grit, passion, unbelievable skills to make things work like he did against the West Indies in early 90s. Tendulkar achieve everything a batsman can think of in his dream career.

Tendulkar was short but he would bully the ‘tallest’ bowlers of the era. It was the Sachin Tendulkar-era. He was a nightmare many bowlers would often refer as difficult to dislodge. At his numbers justify his status. Not everyday you find a cricketer who has a 24-year-old long and successful career until he is Sachin Tendulkar.

Sunil Gavaskar, India A, BCCI
Sunil Gavaskar. Twitter

Sachin Tendulkar names his two heroes while growing up

Tendulkar said that he dreamed of becoming a cricketer and represent his country at an early age. He said that while he was growing up, he idolised Sunil Gavaskar for several years and West Indies legend Viv Richards.

In 2010, against South Africa, Tendulkar became first international cricketer to smash a double hundred. Only if  the century of centuries in international cricket was not enough – it was in March, 2012 that he achieved his feat, a record that will need to some taking to be surpassed.

Viv Richards
Viv Richards. Credit: AFP

“I would say that when I was playing cricket or when I was of your age (young), I wanted to become a cricketer and going ahead wanted to play for my country,” Tendulkar said while speaking during the virtual ‘Gift of Life’ ceremony after 1,000 children underwent free heart surgeries performed by the Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Hospital since the pandemic began in the country.

“I had two heroes – one is our own Sunil Gavaskar, who played for India for several years and performed well, he was my batting hero. Along with him, it was Viv Richards of the West Indies. These were my batting heroes when I played cricket.”

In 2011, he finally achieved his biggest dream of lifting the World Cup, after making appearances in the marquee tournament for a record sixth time.

The 47-year-old continues to be the leading run-scorer in in international cricket with 34, 357 runs — 15,921 in Tests, 18426 in ODIs and 10 from a solitary T20I.