IPL 2020 Will Bring Smile To People's Face- Sachin Tendulkar

IPL 2020 Will Bring Smile To People’s Face- Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar Hardik Pandya
Sachin Tendulkar, Pandya brotherspose for a photo with the IPL trophy. (Photo: Twitter)

Sachin Tendulkar, the former Indian cricket, believes that the start of the Indian Premier League [IPL] will help spread positivity among people, and for a change, they will now be discussing average and strike-rates instead of Covid-19 numbers.

The 13th edition of the Indian Premier League was originally scheduled to take place between March 29- May 24 but it was postponed for an indefinite period of time due to the outbreak of novel coronavirus [COVID-19].

Sachin Tendulkar, IPL
IPL was initially slated to start from March 29 (Photo- Twitter)

However, with the ICC T20 World Cup getting postponed, the BCCI decided to stage the tournament in the UAE between September 19- November 10.

“IPL is great news for all of us. A number of other sports have resumed, I have been watching a bit of football, F1, Test cricket in England. So it’s nice that IPL will be played in the UAE,” Sachin Tendulkar told India Today.

“For a change, we will be discussing other numbers, statistics we will be discussing and talking about would be the strike rates and the run rates and not about Covid-19 — how many cases have increased today and what are the doctors projecting. Those numbers are not what one would hear. We will hear something else now,” Sachin Tendulkar added.

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Sachin Tendulkar excited about IPL 2020

Sachin Tendulkar also added that he hopes for the coronavirus cases to come down and strike rate and averages become the point of discussion among the people in these unprecedented times.

“I know that people after having gone to work and come back after a strenuous day, they would have something else to talk about. It could be Mumbai or Bengaluru or Delhi or whichever team which is topping the table and not the cities topping the COVID table. The cases should come down. I am hoping and praying the cases to come down and the strike rate and the run rate and all those numbers are at the forefront. I just feel that this is great news not only for athletes but it’s going to do a lot of good to other people where they will be able to distract their mind and some would surely have a smile on their face,” Sachin Tendulkar said.

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