Shahid Afridi comments on Kashmir issue, says Pakistan can't handle it

Shahid Afridi Comments on Kashmir Issue, says Pakistan Can’t Handle It

Shahid Afridi, Kashmir
Shahid Afridi talks about the unrest in Kashmir. Image Courtesy: Getty

The never-resolving issue of Kashmir once again makes into the headlines. Meanwhile, the former skipper of Pakistan, Shahid Afridi is pretty much frustrated with the political management in the country and feels they can’t handle even if they get the Indian state. He expressed his anger on the administration for not maintaining four provinces correctly.

In the recent press conference, Shahid Afridi feels the war-rugged state should not be under Pakistan or India. He added the state should be left alone independent for the sake of humanity.

Kashmir should be allowed to evolve as an independent country – Shahid Afridi

Further, the swashbuckling all-rounder took a dig at Imran Khan constituency. He cited the current management is failing to take care of four provinces and questioned how can they take care of the Indian state.

Kashmir, Shahid Afridi
Kashmir people are surviving with a threat. (Credits – Twitter)

During the course, he also added India should also leave the state for the sake of humanity. Afridi wants the people over their to be secured like any other in the world.

“People in Kashmir are dying and it hurts a lot to see innocent dying, whatever religion they may belong to. The people there should be allowed to be independent for the sake of humanity,” Shahid Afridi said.

Shahid Afridi, Kashmir
Shahid Afridi (Photo by Jan Kruger-IDI/IDI via Getty Images)

Taking a dig at Pakistan’s poor administration, “Pakistan does not need Kashmir; It is not able to even handle the four provinces it has. Neither India nor Pakistan should be given control of Kashmir, instead Kashmir should be allowed to evolve as an independent country”, he further told the press.

Well, Shahid Afridi once again made his voice on the sensitive issue. It would be interesting to see how things would turn out. Meanwhile, Indian officials are yet to react to it.


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